Nov 22 2014

It’s the Seventh Taleaversary

On this, the twenty-second of November every year, I mark the anniversary of the first appearance of A Succubi’s Tale on the web. 2014 marks the seventh anniversary of the Tale and it is a moment when I look at all of the things I have written and think about… things.

I think about the stories I have written here, the things I have shared, the thoughts about the Realm, about those that I love dearly too. How some of the stories I have told have been little things of fluff, hoping to make someone smile, others that brought me to tears in the midst of trying to put into words my feelings, thoughts, hopes and wishes.

I think about the art I have found and shared here, all of the different ways that Succubi have been imagined, brought into form, and given a breath of life in the visions they bring to others. The thoughts of stories I had not thought of before and, eventually, find their way from my fingers to the screen for others to see.

I think about the works I have read, the stories told about the Succubi and commented on by me. I shudder at some of them, smile at others, and sigh, remembering those that I wanted to see more of but never did. I ponder the universes created, the view of Succubi that comes from that, and where it could, in a way, inspire more of the same.

I think about the costumes I have seen, trying to forget the worst, keeping in mind the best. The stories they bring to mind, what may come from them. I smile, remembering the few things found that sparked ideas, and yes, some of them were very naughty even for the Queen of the Succubi I promise by far.

I think about those that have given me the greatest gift I could have hoped for when I started the Tale so many years ago. The gift of friendship, of sharing life, loves, hopes and dreams. The knowledge that in some small way I have done something good here. Something that can give a smile, a thought, perhaps a comfort or two.

I think about all of these things and more, I do so every day, but in this moment, at this point in the year, those thoughts are a little more focused, clear, true. In all of them there is the thought that perhaps I can do better, should do better. I know of many things that I don’t quite manage as well as I should, or could, or however one might wish to look at things.

I think, however, that writing the Tale has done something unexpected. Something that wasn’t in my thoughts when I began this journey in thought, purpose, and words. It allowed, if only in the slightly of ways, a means for the idea that Succubi are more than they have been told to be.

In some ways, that’s true of Tera, Queen of the Succubi herself.

Thank you all for being part of that journey. You might never share a thought, make a comment, or think of doing so. But my thoughts are shared and in that, somehow, something more happens…

…and that’s something to be celebrated isn’t it?



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