Nov 19 2014

I think I have my Christmas morning surprise figured out…

Devil Horn Santa HatI’ve been thinking about Christmas. Now, of course I usually write about Halloween costumes today, but what I found and am sharing today is for Christmas most of all. And I have to admit I giggled when I first came across this lovely idea…

This is, of course, a Devil Horn Santa Hat and it sells for $9 US at several sites I found it available at.

I just find this entire idea adorable and really just so very cute. It’s also nice that the horns are plushie ones that match the red of the hat as well. The ad for the hat says it fits “most” and I really do hope it does in my case…

I have some plans and ideas for this I believe…

Really, just for the joy and smile this idea gives me it gets five out of five pitchforks…

As for my Christmas morning? Only my Eternal will know what appears under my horns that morning…

But it will be a fun morning I promise…




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    David G

    That makes me smile too, actually. But not for the hat. I think that’s the first costume piece I’ve seen you applaud in my short time with the tale.

    So double the fun. You get to enjoy the idea of it now. And the pleasure of Christmas giving.

  2. avatar

    No doubt your Eternal’s stocking will be stuffed with wonderful goodies.

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    To have something that made me smile, always gets a better rating…


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