Nov 15 2014

A little bit different Succubus art in progress YouTube…

One of the things that I like to find in art of Succubi is that there is a touch personality in the characters created… Not just that they look like every other Succubus, that they have a look, a style an image that is much more… I found one and it really is quite different and unique…

And if the video does not show on the Tale, try this link:


The finished art is quite striking I think…


Love her hair, a neat little smile of mischief that looks quite right on her too. Overall a lovely piece of Succubus art that I really adore…



  1. avatar

    Her eyes
    look faraway,
    remembering what was:
    a meeting so tender . . . toothsome . . .
    so sweet.

    Her smile
    is quite wistful
    she tastes on her soft lips
    divine, luscious hope of your next
    tart tryst.

  2. avatar

    Those purple highlights in her hair work really well! I don’t know if purple and green are complementary colors but something about the two in conjunction makes it really pleasing to the eye. I don’t know why but I really get a sort of fairy-like vibe from this picture.

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    A lovely, perfect poem… Thank you my heart…


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