Oct 28 2014

A Review of Post Secondary Succubus: Graduation by Lacey Layton

Post Secondary Succubus: Graduation by Lacey Layton

Post Secondary Succubus: Graduation by Lacey Layton

A review today on the Tale of the third work in the series Post Secondary Succubus which seems to draw the series to a close. I was somewhat disappointed in the second book which at the time I thought was a shame, because the first book I thought had lot of promise in spite of some oddness in it. You can find the first review of this series here on the Tale and the second review can be found here as well.

Sometimes the resolution to a plot comes from a direction you don’t expect. The thing of that is, how exactly does that answer fit into the rest of the series, does it make any sense, and when the work comes to a close, were all of the loose ends tied up? Not always.


The story is about:

Life hasn’t been easy for Kaylee. Being a Succubus is one thing. But in her short University career she has had jealous lovers try to kill her and had a serial killer take away someone she loved. Now Kaylee is trying to keep the same mistake from happening again with Detective Bryan Storm, a fierce and powerful man. She thinks by keeping him at bay she can keep her feelings in control, and will avoid losing yet another man she loves.

However, as her University life is wrapping up, so too is this chapter in her life. Faces from the past, and new dangers in the present converge to push Kaylee to new limits. In the conclusion to the “Post Secondary Succubus” trilogy, Kaylee faces off against a group where her power holds no sway. A group that endangers all of those that she loves in the pursuit of owning the power Kaylee has. All conflicts will be settled, and all truths exposed just in time for Graduation Day.

Further time has passed and Kaylee is in her final year, her future in front of her. The problem is that the past won’t let go and it’s coming back to haunt her in every way imaginable. When a new threat to Kaylee and her kind appears, she’s forced to make a choice and that choice will mean everything to her… or she’ll lose it all.

The one thing that I did like, more than anything else really, was that Kaylee had to face a lot of the choices she has made and their consequences. There is closure for some of those, but for quite a number of others she doesn’t find exactly what she needs, but rather gets something a bit different. It’s very clear as the story is told that she isn’t quite the same person she was in the first and second books and that I found made her a lot more interesting as a character.

There are still, on occasion, hints of her past view of things in how she deals with events and as well the choices she makes in order to try and find her way to solving the overwhelming problem that she faces in this work. Some of that is her relationship that started with Bryan, but a lot of it comes from the loss of Mike and in how she finally faces that loss. There is also an appearance of another character who vanished in the second work but suddenly reappears to point Kaylee in the direction of a threat to the succubi… and that’s a large part of what I didn’t really like in this work.

Gavin, possibly the single most irritating character in the series returns and with him comes his attitude and complete disregard for the past and what he did to Linda, Kaylee’s friend. That becomes a secondary plot in the work and there is, at long last, some character development in him. But it comes I think far too late in the story and when it does, and he reaches out, it just feels wrong in many ways. There seemed to some purpose to his thread in the story but at the last it gets tossed away with a short bit of dialog which takes him back to where he started. It could have been a bit better in how that worked for him, but also for Linda as well in that she doesn’t have closure either.

The threat that is revealed slowly in the story bothered me as well in that I couldn’t quite see how it worked exactly. I followed what it did, and it sounded like it could be interesting. But it devolved into what seemed to be an excuse for some moments of erotica that didn’t work for me at least. Some of the moments that Kaylee has with Bryan are very hot, but that turns a corner in the middle of the story and in a way that I just couldn’t get connected to. As for the threat, I can see the why of it and the how… But it didn’t make a lot of sense if the mechanics of how the powers of a succubus work in this universe are followed. There’s something unsaid and missing and that bothers me.

The work is the best written of the three by far, there isn’t anything that tends to take you out of the story overall. The ending of the threat, what happens to Kaylee as a result, and what it does to her I think was well done and put a good note to her story. Past that point the wrapping up of the story mostly worked but there are a series of dangling plots that aren’t closed and which would make another work in the series possible.

It would be interesting to see where that might go, what the consequences are to Kaylee’s actions, and perhaps to get more into the society of the succubi, both the good and the bad, and tell that story. It’s still a murky tale to be told and it need not be.

Three and a half pitchforks out of five.

The work seemed just a bit too scattered in handling the main plot and with bringing back some of the characters in the past, there just wasn’t anything like grow in them to speak of. There is closure, thankfully, and Kaylee at the end of the series is someone I liked a lot better. That in itself was good to see. But there are a lot of dangling threads in this work and another book in the series seems to be the obvious reason for them. There shouldn’t be a lot of hand waving about the threads if there is because they are some really major ones.

For the series as a whole I’ll give four out of five pitchforks.

Kaylee wasn’t the overall problem with the series. She’s interesting, I like her development as the series went on, even with the glaring mistakes she made throughout the series. The main problem with the work was some of the supporting cast just rubbed me the wrong way, they didn’t learn much of anything and at the end, when they seemed to, that was sort of tossed to the side in a way that didn’t work for me. As well, the final work in the series introduced a threat to Kaylee that just came out of left field and didn’t seem to connect to the rest of the series as a whole.

The erotica is very hot, there’s no doubt of that, the characters are unique and memorable, even the ones you just can’t really like. The story as a whole has a good coming of age vibe to it that I think works well. It’s just the little things in the story that keep getting in the way of my liking it more than I do and that really bothers me.

I think if the middle part of the work had been handled better in what Kaylee did as a Domme, if the latter part of the trilogy had more of a connection to previous events that would have helped too. But overall my concerns are really minor ones that don’t take away from the series as a whole too much and if there is a “after this” for Kaylee I hope that shows her becoming more than the world and some of those around her expect her to be.

Because, in truth, that’s really when you learn the lessons of life.




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    Unlikable characters can work, but characters who do not properly fit into the narrative, who are not adequately connected or explained, cannot. Again, all the art of writing is insufficient if the craft is overlooked.

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    Was hoping, mostly there, but tripped a bit…


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