Oct 26 2014

A Review of Succubus Dreams 2: The Bargain by Chastity Swallows

Succubus Dreams 2: The Bargain by Chastity Swallows

Succubus Dreams 2: The Bargain by Chastity Swallows

Sometimes I wonder why it is that some authors insist on releasing a lesser work as their first book when their second work is much better. They add to the characters, their personalities and more… Things that you didn’t see in their first work.

Then, to make matters more interesting, the story you expect to go one why, because it only seems to make sense, and then the twist in the tail makes you really wonder just what happened and why…

And perhaps more accurately, who it is that actually gets the worst end of the deal?

  • Title: Succubus Dreams 2: The Bargain
  • Author: Chastity Swallows
  • Length: 17 Pages
  • ASIN: B00EZ7233Q
  • Publishing Date: September 3, 2013
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells about:

Jackie made a deal with an incubus, a deal she survived but does not want to pay the piper for. To keep her life she’s been keeping her legs closed but the sorry half existence isn’t for her, she wants out of her contract. Enter Succubus Dreams with a trade her life for another.

The Bargain is told through the eyes of Wyatt Alan who spends an evening banging a woman who may or may not be what she seems.

One of the things that I find is difficult for an author to manage is the art of misdirection. In this work the author did so quite well managing to cause one story to appear that while looking to be one thing actually became something quite different. This story begins with something expected and while all in the story seems to point at a certain end that you expect… It doesn’t happen.

In truth that’s a good thing for the most part, save that the actual erotica when it comes into the story was not something that I personally enjoy. Some may like the brutality of the scenes, but for me personally it was a turn off.

That said, moving away from the erotica and into the story itself, there was quite a lot to like from the aspect of looking for more about the Succubi, and in this story, the Incubi in this universe.

The most important thing to me at least was that the Succubus in charge of Succubus Dreams is named, that being Miss Priss by a client, whether that is her name or not isn’t clear. However she is called Mistress by her secretary and as a play on words, that is rather delicious I think. It is also a good bit of character development to learn she isn’t a full Succubus, that she is quite powerful in her own right, and more so, quite dangerous to those that cross her from the scene at the beginning of the work.

It becomes more interesting when she reveals, through a conversation that sets up the rest of the story, that there is a place called Incubus Dreams as well. In the short passages where they are seen, and talked about, it appears that they are competing with each other and that could bring about some interesting stories as well sometime from this series.

While the erotica itself does not endear itself to me, I have to say that the background apart from the main male lead of this work, does quite a lot. I’d like longer stories that tell more about the Succubi and Incubi as the series goes along, but I have the feeling that this likely will not be seen all that much.

Overall, to this point at least, I have enjoyment out of the edges of the works and not the actual story that appears. Perhaps a longer story with more to be told would make the series as a whole more for me personally. The other thing that would be nice would be moving away from stories that are mainly about pain and suffering and towards something more sensual and erotic. If that happened I think that it would make me like things a lot more than I do and I really want to for the Succubi, especially one, that have appeared….

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

Character development, if only a little bit is a huge difference to me. A story that is more than it seems to be at the beginning makes it more so. Adding to a universe, opening story paths for future works completes things much more… But, more Succubi and Incubi please? It would be nice to have considering the series title…

Now if only this continues in the next work… We shall see won’t we? I do hope so…




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    First of all, we haven’t had a first book and a second book, but a first chapter and a second chapter . . . maybe. Had they been published together, the author would have needed to do actual work and probably only gotten the same amount of money. An author with a porn star nomme de plume probably isn’t interested in that.

    Second of all, when the author has chosen a porn star nomme de plume, can we really expect the erotica to be enjoyable?

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    “The Bargin”? C’mon, you have to try to spell that one badly! At least it was a decent novel though. Hopefully the writing will improve as she continues to write.

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    A bit much to ask at times, but still… Do hope for the best…


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