Oct 25 2014

A cute Lilith Aensland YouTube

Last week I shared a Morrigan Aensland tribute that someone posted on YouTube… They also posted one for Lilith Aensland and that one appears today on the Tale… Like the first, I’m not sure about the music, but the art is nice…

If you cannot see the video here on the Tale, try this link:


And, as always, a screenshot of the one piece of art that I liked the best in the video…

Lilith aensland

I always prefer when Lilith is drawn a bit more mature than she appears normally. I do know her background and story and I know why she appears the way she does… I just think that in spite of all of that, she is Morrigan’s equal and she should look a bit more like her…

Not exactly like her, but at least proud of who is she and what she can do…




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    So much yearning . . .
    . . . so much hoping . . .
    . . . yet not unsure:
    filled with power and promise.

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    I like a more mature Lilith too. She doesn’t need the erm, “assets” that Morrigan has but she’s still an adult. She’s three hundred years old, I’m pretty sure that’s enough time to hit puberty. I’d like to see some more dynamic shots of Lilith too. She’s the scrappy infighter to Morrigan’s wily outboxer and I would like to see that emphasized more.

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    A lovely poem… Thank you my heart…


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