Oct 23 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 354

I love doodles. They are hints of thoughts and ideas that while not perhaps all clear in one’s thoughts, they do open a window to what could be. I found a doodle that made me smile, and that really is a wonderful thing…

Succubus Sketch by Octopooch

Succubus Sketch by Octopooch

This character does not have a name, it is simply called Succubus Sketch and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Octopooch. You can find the page I found this work here and this artist’s site on DeviantArt is here.

I love her look, her eyes, the hint of the dress she is wearing, and her lovely hair style most of all. Really everything about her I love, especially the cuteness which just makes me smile every time I see her.

I sort of see her name as being Daphne for some reason… I’m not sure why but she looks like one to me if that makes any sense at all.

I really think it is amazing that this artist put so much character into something that looks like a simple doodle, but really it isn’t. I’d love someday to see some sort of finished art of her, I think she looks like she’s fun and that, of course, is important for one of the Succubi to be isn’t it?




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    She looks to me to be a succubish fairy. There is a story in that somewhere.

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    The accessories are what really make this for me. The little bow and especially that tiny armband that she has are positively adorable!

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    A thought to ponder my heart…


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