Oct 14 2014

A Review of Incubus by Angie West

Incubus by Angie West

Incubus by Angie West

A review today of a work that appeared so very long ago, told a wonderful story… But regretfully the author never took the work to the promise it held and into a second story… Nonetheless, it is a touching, heartfelt work that I enjoyed…

But I so wanted to see more…

The question of love is one that asks of you to take a risk. It asks you to make a choice, live with that choice, and if the penalties are awful for doing so… You live with that as well.

  • Title: Incubus
  • Author: Angie West
  • ASIN: B007Q6EFZ2
  • IBSN: 978-1-60088-693-5
  • Publishing Date: November 14, 2011
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

Is he her soul mate? Or just after her soul? Savannah met a young boy as a child. Then her friend disappeared only to reappear the night before she graduated high school in a dream. Can she find love and a happily ever after with a sex demon?

Savannah has had a long hard life, but the memories of a boy’s kindness and a moment of passion in a dream continue to haunt her. The dream was but once, and then five years later the man in that dream appears… And then the questions begin.

Savannah herself in an interesting person. Her life, from foster child taken in by a couple with less than honourable thoughts, to her leaving that situation, finding a new life, and making more of herself than she was expected to be I thought told a captivating story. It isn’t just that she gains a better life, its that she still remains true to her own self regardless of the forces that tug on her constantly.

Cairn, the Incubus of the work, represents a kind of Incubus that isn’t as the legends tell him to be and that, again, I found very interesting. He has no horns or tail, but simply is who is appears to be. He does have a secret which when it is revealed at the end of the work, neatly ties all of the mysteries around Savannah. The reasons for his actions, what he was willing to do for her, and what it cost him over time were means to focus his personality and character, bringing them to the fore.

There is an air of mystery, a few little red herrings that make one wonder if Cairn is telling the truth at times, it the lovely exterior is hiding something beneath it which I felt the author played very well as the work progressed.

There are a few lightly erotic moments in the work, but sex scenes are not what matter here. It is the finding of purpose, the discovery of something missing in one’s life, and in the end what that decision means to each of Savannah and Cairn.

With all of the good though comes a bit of a cliff hanger ending, one that I personally would have liked to se the resolution of. It is quite a tease, leaving questions that really do need answers, but they never came and that’s quite a shame for just how vivid a story this was.

The writing is excellent, the characters, not just Savannah and Cairn, but the supporting ones, are fleshed out very well and as the surprises mount, the reasons for them being in the story matters and that made a difference as well.

The work ends both on a promise and a cliff hanger in a way. Savannah asks of Cairn something and he agrees… But the story ends. I really wish it didn’t because that promise would have, I think, taken things to a very interesting place for both of them.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

A story of promise, compassion and the forces that pull against them. Dreams hoever cannot be denied and in that comes redemption.

The sad thing is that this story did not continue into a series, which in all honesty it should have. The hints of Cairn’s world would have been a good starting place and with that not happening… It’s a shame.




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    The best erotica, as usual, comes from story and from characters, not from sex scenes. It is good to know this author has thought of that.

    And, of course, just because this author hasn’t continued in this vein, that doesn’t mean another cannot.

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    That is pretty sad. I hate when something with a good story ends on a cliffhanger and then never gets picked up for a sequel. Still, at least it leaves you with fond memories and a desire for more. Who knows, maybe the author will see this review and decide to revive it? It’s happened on this site before.

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    Angie West

    Hey, guys! Tera, a few days ago, a friend of mine emailed me a link to this page. I am so glad and honored that you enjoyed my story, Incubus. I think continuing the tale is a great idea. I’ll get busy plotting some ideas and hopefully come out with something in 2015. If any of your readers are interested, I’ve got an updated version of Incubus for free right now through Smashwords and Amazon. A few months ago, when the contract with my publisher was up, I took the opportunity to add to this title and even designed a new cover. The ending is the same, but there are added/extended scenes throughout, most notably the courtship and also when Savannah and Cairn fight and she enters the house he created. I’ll leave it free through at least December 15th or 16th. Take care!



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    Thank you for the share Angie, and I am grateful that you returned to this story! Many thanks and best wishes for your writing! Hoping to see more soon!


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