Oct 09 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 352

There really aren’t a lot of Succubi that appear in games that I really do like. Sometimes it is how they are presented, or how they look, or, for the most part how stereotypical they happen to be. Now this week’s image might be from a game, could be from a game, but I really don’t have a clue…

Ragnabeak Succubus by あんべよしろう

Ragnabeak Succubus by あんべよしろう

This image is, apparently, from a game called Ragnabeak and it is of a Succubus in that game. You can find the original page where I found this work on Pixiv here.

I rather like her quite a lot… Her wings are different and really do look lovely on her, she has a playful tail, always a good thing, and overall she has that touch of sexy-cute that I adore for Succubi to have…

As I have said, I know nothing about this game, but if someone has some statistics on her or other information, I would be interested to know them!




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    As usual, I have nothing helpful here . . .

    Fierce as an angel, dark as a bat,
    these are the ways of seductive things.
    But here you are, never fathoming that
    desire’s what a flight of fancy brings:
    a cute little smile, a hot, horny hellcat,
    invading, inviting on butterfly wings.

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    This may sound a bit strange but I love that little bow on her tail! It’s adorable and it adds a lot of personality to the character. That little accessory combined with her expression and surroundings just completes the playful, intimate nature of the picture.

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    Thank you for the lovely perfect poem my heart…


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    The bow is the cuteness…


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