Sep 28 2014

A Review of Succubus Initiation by Juliette Lubach

Succubus Initiation by Juliette Lubach

Succubus Initiation by Juliette Lubach

When a book claims to be about Succubi, one would expect that there would be at least one in the story. At least that’s my opinion of what I expect. Even if there isn’t one, and the story is about someone wanting to be a Succubus, there needs to be more to the story than sex scene after sex scene in order for it to be something that I find some enjoyment in.

The story tells of:

18 year old Haley Vance only has one true fear: living an ordinary life. After she finds a mysterious book that holds the key to the underworld, she discovers that she has an alternative! After a dark ritual, she is given the choice to either live out all of her erotic dreams, or be cast into darkness.

Haley is selfish and self-centered to put it mildly, but what really makes her unlikeable is that she wants to be a Succubus because then she can have all kinds of sex and be something more than an ordinary girl. After summoning a demon and making a deal with them, Haley seduces three individuals towards her goal of being a Succubus. But that’s the thing, she isn’t a Succubus in this story, not in the slightest.

The story really only uses the idea of Haley needing to accomplish some tasks to get her placed in several situations where she has sex towards her goal. It is entirely possible to remove the connection to Succubi in this work and have absolutely no change to the story as a whole.

It is, for the most part, a series of hot flashes interspersed with Haley gloating and then being told what her next assignment is. As such, there really is no story to speak of, the characters are there only to be used in a sex scene and then forgotten about. As well, Haley’s attitude, her total lack of emotion other than having orgasms after each conquest, and her seeming lack of care about anything she does really bothered me.

I do understand that is how she was written and is presented, but as such I had no interest in her, what she did, the other characters in the story or anything else. More so, as there was no Succubi in the story, Haley wasn’t one, and the end only suggested what was to come did connect to the title of the work, I cannot say that it was Succubus story.

It was really a “want to be” or perhaps more accurately a “use the word Succubus to sell books” release and that connected with the total lack of interest that I felt after the first four pages just left me cold…

I’ll give this work one pitchfork out of five.

Really not anything more than hot flash after hot flash and in the end that doesn’t make for the best of stories…




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    She CERTAINLY isn’t a succubi, she’s not even a succubus; but I think Your Majesty’s biggest problem here is that Haley wasn’t even written to be a person. She is an excuse for sex scenes that aren’t even part of a story, for the readers were not treated as actual people, either; we are simply people who will fork over money for something which may be no more than an odd catalyst for the author’s self-gratification.

    I assume it got one pitchfork for spelling?

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    I can’t even call it a hot flash. A hot flash implies that there’s an extreme buildup of emotion in a short time but Haley is such a cold asshole that it doesn’t even feel like rushed porn. It honestly sounds like Haley doesn’t even enjoy the sex and if she can’t enjoy it then how are we supposed to?

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    Didn’t really deserve a zero my heart…


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