Sep 10 2014

The description does not match the costume…

Red Devil CostumeIt amazes me at times how some costumes are described… I think that some of the people that write the ad copy have to be some of the most imaginative people there are… It is a shame that that same imagination isn’t put into the costumes…

This is called simply the Red Devil Dress and it comes with… the dress. That’s all. The wig, the pitchfork and the shoes are not included and it sells for $40 US but can be found for a lot less quite easily…

Awful dress, the entire ensemble is a disaster, no tail and overall I shudder to look at it.

Here’s the thing that really gets me however. Read the ad copy and if you can make it to the end without laughing you are better than I am by far…

“Do you want to be the superstar during the halloween party?  If do, this costume will be your best choice. Wearing this, you will be the most horrible, insane, and the king/queen of scare. You can wear it on parties, masquerades, birthday parties and wedding occasions. Wear this Costume and feel the fun. It is suitable for girls.”

Okay. Where do I begin… Superstar? Really? I will give points for the correct use of the words horrible and insane though. I also came to a screeching halt when it was suggested that this would be something to wear to a… wedding. Seriously? Who writes this stuff anyway?

The entire ad copy sounds like someone translated two other ads from another language, copy pasted it and moved on… Mind you, considering the costume I can understand why one would get past it as quickly as possible…

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Nothing to save here and nothing to remember should you decide to wear it… I won’t be…




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    English is not the first language of the person who wrote it; that much is for sure. Not only are the sentences poorly written, they are written by someone who does not have a grasp of idiomatic English. This may be a small excuse for the copy. Indeed, I almost wonder if it wasn’t translated through a computer program.

    As for the dress, the name seems appropriate. It is clearly a red dress designed by a devil to embarrass someone who might wear it (someone whom the copy suggests might be male).

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    I would give this a five out of five for that description alone. Mostly because I’m very worried about whoever wrote it. It’s so rushed and hyperbolic that can’t help but imagine some poor sap scribbling it out in an abandoned Chinese warehouse, desperate to placate the Triad goons who are holding his crippled wife and infant son hostage over a vat of boiling acid filled with laser sharks.

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    That makes more sense than the dress my heart…


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