Sep 05 2014

A Review of Succubus Games by Lila Shaw

Succubus Games by Lila Shaw

Succubus Games by Lila Shaw

Many of the works that Lila Shaw has written have run both hot and cold for me over time. Some of the Succubi she creates are really quite wonderful and I enjoy reading their stories. For the most part that’s what I look forward to when I open one of her works and it is a rare thing when I am disappointed. The work I am reviewing today is one of the ones that was more than I expected it to be and it was really a pleasant surprise when all was said and done.

The story is of:

Willow has had centuries in Sisyphus Prison to reinforce the hard-learned lesson that the jealous and capricious Greek gods are not to be trifled with. There are only two ways out, and both require Willow to compete in the annual gladiator match. The winner is freed while the loser marches straight to Tartarus to become one of Hades’ concubines. Willow plans to press all her succubus charms into service to gain the upper hand against her opponent…until she discovers who he is.

Helveticus is a demi-god with a devilish plan of his own to win his freedom, a plan that begins with the seduction of his lush adversary. He is the last person Willow wishes to battle because she’s not sure whether she wants to kill him or kiss him. Only one can be crowned the victor. Who will win the war of body over heart?

It is an interesting place to put a Succubus, that being in the world of the Greek Gods. More so, I found it rather fitting which of them Willow was connected to and how the myths of the Succubi, including that of Lilith came into play. Of course being that the Greek Gods are involved there is treachery, scheming, and plots all over the place. The question is, at least for Willow, how she can get through all of that and survive regardless of what happens.

She is truly alone in this world, having the Gods against her, those around her seeing little of worth in her, and making plans that in the end are designed to have something horrible happen to her. But the thing is, regardless of all of the things that are against her she still has the strength of character to do something that many around her cannot find the will to do. Try. She tries to find a way to win the contest, she tries to find a way to overcome Helveticus before the match. She tries to win in the way that only one of the Succubi could consider and manage to do. It is that strength that makes her such an amazing character.

Helveticus as well is interesting for another reason which I will not spoil here, but it is a really interesting concept and the difference between himself and those that Willow has seen before is striking.

The heat they create together is something that needs to be seen more often I think and when I compare this work with the other Succubi this author has created, Willow is one of the two most favourite Succubi that I have seen from them.

Lovely heat from the two, the battle when it comes starts out as you might expect but where Willow takes things just was so perfect. Echoes of their first moments together come through and it was just a lovely connection and closure to the story that makes everything worth while.

Written well, nicely hot, and more than a hot flash with the story, background and characters.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I really would like to see where Willow and Helveticus go from this story forwards. That’s not likely to happen and that really is a shame as they both were really interesting to me in their personality and how they played off each other. Not just the heat, but the passion and more the way they really are made for each other.




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    Perhaps the author will see Your Majesty’s good words here and accede to Her wishes.

    The key here, of course, is that Willow is true to herself, for it is when we give that up that we truly die.

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    My only complaint about this is the portrayal of Hades. Of all the Greek gods he’s the only one that wouldn’t take on concubines. He’s the one god that was actually faithful in marriage.

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    Something to remember my heart… Always…


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