Sep 04 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 347

One of the things about Morrigan and Lilith Aensland that I particularly like is how they are on one hand opposites and on the other they are the same. There is a bit of contradiction between them, but in the end, it is not just that they are “sisters”… They are much more than that… Only a few artists do manage to bring that part of their personalities to the fore…

The Alter Ego by vividjudy

The Alter Ego by vividjudy

This is called The Alter Ego and is by an artist on Pixiv named Vividjudy. You can find the page where I originally found this work here.

I think this is the very few time that I’ve ever come across what, at least to me, appears to be something like a Tarot card of the Aensland sisters. The design is just breathtaking, so many lovely details to be found and the expressions on Morrigan and Lilith are just so captivating. Of the two sides of the card design, I think the lighter of the two make the art stand out so much better.

Calling this work ‘The Alter Ego’ fits the story of Morrigan and Lilith perfectly, but I have to admit that now I have questions in my mind of what an entire deck might look like. It could make for some very interesting poses and situations for the two sisters to be in…. or a story or two…

Must ponder that some…



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