Aug 27 2014

This costume is a real Sin honestly…

Sexy Sinner CostumeA… Well… A really uninspiring costume this time I think. The name alone makes me cringe and that’s just the beginning…

This is called the Sexy Sinner Costume and it comes with the red crop top and matching skirt with petticoat and the horn headband. The pitchfork and stocking are not included…

It sells for $66 US on the sites I found it on…

The horns are lousy, and the pitchfork is silly. Mind you, I like the stockings, at least they go with the look of the costume even if they aren’t part of it. The top does nothing for me and, in the end, the only thing I like is not part of the costume save for the skirt which I can almost like, but it is a struggle to do so honestly…

I also have to wonder about the model’s look and the mess her hair is in. Really doesn’t at least to me, make the costume all that much more appealing as a whole.

I can’t really think of anything that could make it better, though I am going to find those stockings and order them…

One out of five pitchforks.

At least I found something in this mess that was interesting… Even if it isn’t part of the costume…




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    I think, with the hair, they might have been going for a just-been-sexed look, as if “slutty” or “easy” is the same as “sexy.” In fact, the costumers might be excused; their spell-checker might have changed “Slutty Sinner” to “Sexy Sinner.”

    Leaving aside the obvious theological questions–yes, we can argue that we are all sinners, but why should sinful be a necessary component of sexy, even for s succubus or succubi?–we are still left with the fact that this is just a bad costume . . . not sinful, unless the sin is in charging so much money for such a mess, just bad.

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    I think it’s a pretty sinful costumes. There have to be some diabolical forces at work to start with the concept “Sexy Succubus” and end with “Alien termite queen at the disco”. Seriously, those aren’t horns they’re mandibles.

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    A new definition of sin that I hope never appears in Funk & Wagnalls…


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