Aug 23 2014

A Devilish Chibi Drawing YouTube

I love cute images of Succubi, and some of the cutest are those I’ve found in what is called chibi art… I found a neat teaching YouTube of one and the character in it just make me smile…

And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, try this link:


And, of course, a screenshot of the chibi herself…

Chibi Devious by Mark Crilley

Chibi Devious by Mark Crilley

This art is by Mark Crilley, and you can find their YouTube page here.

She is, quite simply, the cuteness and I just adore her… Her smile, her tail, her entire look is just so very right to me in so many ways…

I’d love to see a webcomic with her appearing in it, I think she’d be a lot of fun to watch ply her cute brand of sort-of evilness over the other in the comic… Mebby that’s something to think about… sometime…



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