Aug 17 2014

A Review of Incubus Daughter: Book Two by Joy Laforce

Incubus Daughter: Book Two

Incubus Daughter: Book Two

In continuing the story of Cameron, the Incubus Daughter, a problem crops up. The problem is what happens when your real world and your Succubus world intermix? The thing is that shift in perspective can cause unknown things to occur. Where does Cameron draw the line in her mind between her inner needs and her outer responsibilities? When she does, if she does, does that solve anything? And can she?

It tells the story of:

Succubi and incubi are demonic predators that feed on sexual energy and mate with humans to produce halfling children called cambions. Daughter of an incubus and a Puerto Rican woman, Cameron Rivera is one of these children. Since puberty, she’s balanced her cravings for sex and a regular life through one night stands and dream-time flings—until she meets Michael Hunter.

How much does he know about her?

How can he see through her illusions?

Is this what she’s been waiting for?

Like the first work in this series it is a hot flash that is surrounded by quite a lot of background and story. Overall that’s not a bad thing and I enjoyed it. However, there was at times a bit too much put into the setting, what it looked like, down to the carpeting, rather than a bit more character development. The balance was a bit off but not terribly so.

I do think the author needs to write a new summary for this work and not just reuse the same one they did for the first one While it does continue the story of Cameron and Micheal, it is a bit more than a continuation. By that I mean we see Cameron in the real world, how she sees herself and the others around her. In that there is a lot of self-loathing that I think really takes away from Cameron herself and that’s a shame.

When the moment arrives when the real world and dream world meet, and the main characters might be able to cross the divide…. It doesn’t quite make it there. A minor character sucks all of the life out of the scene and that was a bit painful to watch unfold.

Still once that finishes, and really it couldn’t fast enough, then Cameron’s Succubus nature returns and then things are…. interesting. But in spite of that, or rather because of it, she still seems… off. Not in control, unsure and vulnerable. Overall it makes for a moment when what might have and could have been does unfold in a very hot piece of erotica with a dash of BDSM themes in it which are not thankfully overpowering it.

I did find that the heat was muted at one point when Micheal was… if not abusive then rough and perhaps a bit forceful over Cameron… It made me pause, especially at the reveal at the end of the work, and wonder just what exactly he is.

The ending was… odd. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, if it was in the real world or the dream one. That’s kind of important as in one case it means one thing and in the other something a lot more puzzling. Still, the work ends on something of a cliffhanger, destination unknown. To that point it was really well written and a very hot scene unfolded between Cameron and Micheal which I think foreshadows something very important… But we don’t get the payoff here and that means waiting for the next part of the story to appear.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The promise from the first story in this series wanes a bit due to some editing mistakes and a bit too much time spent on detail rather than story and a slightly more violent nature that bothered me somewhat. I will be looking for the next part, but as yet I haven’t seen it appear and that’s a shame really for what I see in it so far…




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    The problem with creating fully fleshed out characters is that sometimes, in being true to them, they take us into uncomfortable places. It sounds as if this may have happened with Michael and our author here. The mixing of different parts of our lives is uncomfortable for many of us, and many if not most of us have at least some degree of self-loathing. All of that can get messy, but can make us stronger going forward. I hope we get to see Cameron experience that.

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    As with the first work my heart… Still hoping…


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