Aug 16 2014

Kiss of the Demoness – An interesting YouTube film

I found a series on YouTube, or what should be a series, or what was billed as a series at the time I found this video. There is a lot that I like about it and for once at least Lilith is… interesting to me…

And if you cannot see the video on the Tale, try this link:


And two screenshots from the film, one of Lilith in her humanity and one of her in her Succubus form… both of which I think compliment each other really well…

It isn’t often that Lilith is seen to be seductive and tempting without being horrific and for that alone I really like this portrayal very much. She has, in her human form, a assured presence around her that really comes out in how the actress plays her. It’s also really captivating when she is dancing and drawing her prey to her…

When she appears out of the shadows in her Succubus form it really works well too. I will say that her eyes put me off a little, but otherwise she’s very sexy and seductive as a Succubus and she’s very much in control of the situation which appeals to me as well.

I’ll even accept that she has hooves, or rather the appearance of her lower legs seems to suggest that. The other thing that works well is how her hair has changed colour, from red to black, and how her leggings are the same colour… Lovely touches I thought. Her red skin almost seems like she is wearing latex or something like it, or it is really well done body paint and I thought that was impressive as well.

The over all presence of Lilith just is right here and it’s one of the very few times that I can say that I liked a Succubus appearing in a film…

I’d like to see a part two, or three, or twelve… Sometime…



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