Aug 12 2014

A Review of Encounter: Incubus Nights by Sam Cheever

Encounter: Incubus Nights by Sam Cheever

Encounter: Incubus Nights by Sam Cheever

Fantasy is a part of life. It opens our eyes to what could be, if we were brave enough to take the risk. It tells us what we can be, should we decide that who we believe we are is not the real that we can be.

To understand that, to see our own worth, to know, truly, that there is better for us if we desire it sometimes is impossible. But then, with the right being, anything is possible…

The story is of:

Ally opens a door at a party and walks right into her hottest fantasy.

Ally owns a bookstore called Incubus Nights where she sells romance books and other books that kindle dreams and desires in others. The problem is that Ally’s own wishes have never come true. She finds herself at a party and something goes terribly wrong making her run away in shame and hide. The thing is, the door she opens is to her own wishes and in those wishes awaits an Incubus who reveals the truth to Ally that she could never admit to herself…

Normally I would call a story like this a hot flash. While there is lovely heat in the work there is an undercurrent of something more as well. While Ally is pleasured and made to accept that pleasure, it also reveals her own wants, needs and desires fully in ways that simply stating them would not do her character justice. The need in Ally, the wishes that drive her soul forward, these are the things of fantasy that the Incubus plays with a deft touch.

He is not truly a stereotypical Incubus, he is Ally’s ideal and in that her own release is assured. Passions that she has wished for, thought about, dreamt about come to her in this moment where the world of wishes and the world of reality have touched, if only for a brief instant of time. But it only takes an instant for one to change one’s life.

In the end, the story comes to a lovely passionate climax, but it is the last few lines that for me, truly, are the part of the story that stays with me most of all. While the main part of the story is Ally submitting to her fantasies, there is more than that. There is a chance, a offering, a consideration that she alter her own thinking and way to find something she has wanted. A chance for real love, real passion, and being offered that does change Ally.

It is that change that both warms me, but also saddens me slightly. The story ends and the question of Ally’s future is not told. I would have liked to see some of it, but I can imagine Ally being better, more alive, and more willing to see herself for who she is… and that is, really, what fantasies can open the door to…

Four out of five pitchforks.

It’s nice when fantasy can direct reality towards something better. This story does that in a way that was wonderful and that’s something I will remember…



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