Aug 06 2014

Yet another new low in Devil Costumes…

Ugly CostumeI know that I keep going on about how bad… truly bad… so many costumes are. But for this week we reach a new low in awfulness that I think will be something very hard to surpass…

And I cannot understand why the model is smiling…

This is called simply Devil Costume, and it comes with the usual things, but also one thing that does give me pause. You get the jacket, the skirt, the collar, and the horns of course, but the twist in this costume is that the top coms with a… well… it comes with foam cleavage… The shoes and trident are not included.

It sells for $50 US, but can be found for less.

It’s… well… awful isn’t that strong a word I think really. So much overwhelming tackiness that whomever is wearing this has to be drowning in it.

It’s another example of something I wouldn’t touch with a fifty-foot pitchfork and that’s not an exaggeration really. It looks tacky, ugly, unflattering, not at all sexy in any way, shape or form.

It’s obviously a zero out of five pitchforks costume with no hope whatsoever of making it any better…




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    Has it occurred to Your Most Sublime Majesty that the designers of demon costumes might be, in fact, truly demonic, and that their demonic nature drives them, each time Your Majesty declares a costume the worst ever, to continually lower the bar?

    I think it is worth considering this hypothesis.

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    I don’t have anything interesting or cute to say about this costume. It’s a black hole and it does what all black holes must do, suck.

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    Black hole is a good description actually…


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    That would explain a lot my heart…


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