When Harry met a Succubus

I came across a short comedy film that has a Succubus in it that I’m going to share on the Tale today… There really isn’t much to be seen of the Succubus, she isn’t quite what I expect as a Succubus, but then again the story isn’t about her really…

It’s called… Harry and the Succubus…

And if you cannot see the film here on the Tale, try this link:


I had to think for a bit how to describe this film, and the summary I came up with is:

Harry is hanging out in a cemetery when he disturbs a Succubus while she is feeding there. She kills him and Harry starts out on an adventure. He doesn’t quite believe he’s dead, or anything that Crawford, a supernatural hunter tells when, when he feels like it. Harry deals with his new reality with wisecracks and acting like a stoner until he’s told how to get his life back. But will he or will the Succubus claim him as well?

It really is more about Harry and Crawford fighting with each other, mostly nagging, through much of the film. The Succubus herself appears in two scenes, once at the beginning and once at the end of the film. She’s more of a monster, quite literally a “man-eater” more than anything else. For me that’s disappointing, it’s a bit too much of a trope for me anyway… Still that is how she was represented in the film, and as such she isn’t the worst Succubus I have ever seen.

Geting past her, the rest of the film was amusing in its own way, the effects were surprisingly well done and overall I mostly liked the film. I will admit that Harry got on my nerves a bit, the stoner attitude just started to become irritating after a while and that took much of my enjoyment out of the film.

It ends on a cliffhanger, one that I kind of expected from the moment that Harry was killed and turned into a Zombie. As a whole the film had promise, it’s the little nits that get to me by the end that is the tragic part of this. The actors are very good, quite believable in their roles and the world they live in was nicely put together and visually interesting throughout the film.

There are quite a number of hints about things, mainly rules, that those passed on have, which left me with a lot of questions, but they couldn’t possibly be answered in a film this short… But it would have been interesting to know the answers for me at least…

I’ll give this film three out of five pitchforks…

I laughed, and that’s always a good thing…




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    • James on August 2, 2014 at 10:59 am

    Succubi don’t eat people (high in cholesterol, and just messy, anyway), but let’s leave that aside.

    Harry isn’t taking on a stoner attitude; Harry is a stoner–for better or worse, he is being who he is. The creature called succubus is doing what she does, as well. We may not like it, but she isn’t being evil, she isn’t killing because it is fun for her to hurt people; a fox is no more evil for killing whatever she is able to get out of the henhouse when feeding her pups. The creature is living and surviving.

    Crawford is the problem. He is making judgments about the creature and about Harry based upon his own standards, which he has decided are absolutely right, accepting no other input. He lies to Harry and destroys the creature, all for what he decides is the greater good. To me, Crawford is the villain of the piece. The titular characters–Harry and the (Not-a-)Succubus–are the victims.

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    • TeraS on August 13, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    Sadly so as a whole my heart…


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