Jul 30 2014

The costume that wouldn’t die is back… again…

Red Fluffy Devil CostumeIt’s back. Yes, that costume with that stupid sort-of-kind-of flame pattern that has appeared on well over five different versions of costume lousiness has returned…

I wonder what will finally kill it?

This is called the Red Fluffy Devil Costume, at least this time it is, and it comes with the dress, the horns and the pitchfork that is the worst ever made honestly. Shoes are not included and it sells for $45 US on the site I found this on…

Honestly the dress would be fine if it wasn’t for that stupid pattern stitched on it. It adds nothing to the look at all, and really just takes a lot away from what would have otherwise been a lovely little dress. I even like the black fringe on it which is saying something I think.

The horns are, of course, silly looking and far too large, they would find themselves sharing the garbage bin with the pitchfork soon enough.

There is, at least, a little bit of cute in the dress and perhaps removing that flame pattern… somehow… would leave something that looks semi-sexy…

You never know…

Three out of five pitchforks and I am being generous I know…




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    “Just fine” and “semi-sexy” are phrases which, when applied to a dress, should require any succubi dress designer to undertake remedial training.

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    I have to admit, Awful Dress 7: Phantom Pain isn’t as bad as the last few iterations. The awful flame pattern sort of pulled a Dio on us and attached itself to a decently designed dress. I guess someone will have to go to kill it before it figures out how to stop time.

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    There is a story in that thought my heart…


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    Awful Dress 7: Phantom Pain… That made me laugh I have to admit…


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