Jul 21 2014

The SuccuDress – Revealed.

I’ve talked about many times about a dress that I simply adore that I call the SuccuDress. It is the one single dress that, for me, is what I feel reflects the image of the Succubi. Now I will admit that it is that for me and me alone I suppose… But…

When I wear it, and I do for one particular event every year, there isn’t any argument that I am the Queen of the Succubi…

Recently, DarkShadow on DeviantArt completed a commission from me of Tera, The Queen of the Succubi  wearing her sexy SuccuDress…

Tera Succubi Sexy Dress by DarkShadow

Tera Succubi Sexy Dress by DarkShadow

I just wanted to give my thanks to DarkShadow, who’s page on DeviantArt can be found here and the page where he first revealed this wonderful art is here.

I have a lovely smile and that is something wonderful to have always…



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