Jul 18 2014

A Review of Succubus Fantasy by Amanda Clover

Succubus Fantasy by Amanda Clover

Succubus Fantasy by Amanda Clover

I really never have managed to like books that are the Choose-your-own Adventure themed ones. For one thing they usually have the same idea used over and over again throughout the work. Another is that there is a sense of “cheating” as you flip past the other paths on the way to the one you have chosen. It’s also disappointing that so many of the paths end up being “bad” for you in all sorts of ways.

I found one such work where a Succubus is the core of the story and, disappointingly, the same problems I have had in the past with these works came to haunt me again in this one…

It is the adventure of:

Have you ever wanted a nubile redheaded demoness to do your sexual bidding? It sounds like a fantasy come true, and maybe it is, but when you discover a ritual that allows you to conjure a succubus you learn to be careful what you wish for. Especially when your lover has an appetite for your life force!

Your Naughty Playmate 2 – Succubus Fantasy puts you in the action and lets your choices guide the erotic fantasy. You can command the succubus to perform a variety of erotic acts or use her incredible powers to change into someone else. You can have an affair with your friend’s lusty wife or spend some quality time with your own. Maybe, if you play things right, you can even convince your wife to take a turn with the succubus.

To be honest the idea of the story itself is interesting, and if it had been written as a normal story I think it could have been very well done. The problem is that in this work the idea lurks behind a massive number of paths which all lead, in some way, shape or form, to some slightly over the top erotic moments. Those paths that do not almost inevitably end with the Succubus taking your life and then going on to do other things in the wake of that.

It is, regrettably, a very stereotypical Succubus that appears and as such I just didn’t enjoy the work as much as I could have. She is just interested in sex, being devious, and not much else. While some paths do have her transform into other women for the amusement of the main character of the story, even those moments didn’t do anything for me. Cardboard Succubi are not… well… Succubi.

I did find that the paths the author created to choose from had some promise in them, but after very little in the way of plot, the story turned as quickly as possible towards the sex scenes. Some of them, notably when she is using her tail in various ways, were very creative. The actual scenes of the Succubus having her way with the main character were quite good as were the moments when the main character’s wife appeared as well. The real issue became how each part, after the erotica, suddenly came to an end and a choice had to be made. Even if it was the end of a path, the ending was very swift. It also was repetitive. Many of the endings had the exact same words and actions at the end.

I would have liked to see more story telling around the erotica. There are some tantalizing hints of where the Succubus came from among other threads that are not really explored and it would have been a nice touch to put them into the more elongated plot paths. The heat, at least for me, was muted much of the time and it did not have to be. Most of all the repetitiveness of the plots need to be worked on. Copy and pasting massive blocks of text and then adding a slender bit of change to a path does not make it better than it is.

I’m giving this work two out of five pitchforks.

While the concept is interesting, I just found the story all sex for the most part and little in the way of substance. As well the repetitive nature of some of the endings bothered me. While that is how choose-your-own adventure works… It didn’t for me.




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    It sounds as if the author was much more interested in heat than story, and, unfortunately, not surprising that she got less of each.

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    I think the real problem with “choose your own adventure” stories is that in the end you don’t really choose your own adventure. They will always be limited by the fact that all of the story paths have been pre-written and your choice is only an illusion.

    If the possible decisions are well written, seem like something a logical person would do, and lead to vastly different outcomes then it can work but they rarely are. You have to be able to put yourself into the role of the protagonist (or in this case, the succubus) to enjoy them and in this case the characters are too limited to effectively pull that off.

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    Seems so my heart…


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    Never could get the handle on CYA books… Never will I think…


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