Jul 09 2014

My definition of Devine must be different I think…

Devine Devil CostumeWhat is devine? To me. at least costume-wise, it is something that looks beautiful, has a certain something about it that makes it stand out from all of the other costumes, and as such, makes you stand out as well…

This costume would make you stand out, but not in the right way I think…

This is called the Devine Devil Costume and it comes with s sequin and mesh dress, s padded tail. a pair of horns and the awful plastic pitchfork appears again. Shoes are not included.

It sells for $50 US on many sites I have found it for sale on…

I don’t like the flame hem on this dress all that much. To be honest, if that wasn’t there I would give this a higher rating than I will be. The pitchfork is that lousy one that I have no attraction to whatsoever, the tail isn’t all that awful really, but I can do better than that…

At least the tail and the horns match the dress, which is something that happens it seems very rarely…

I think as a backup to the costume I want to have this year, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to wear, but it won’t be my first choice…

Three and a half pitchforks out of five.

It would be four, but that hem just seems wrong…




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    “Devine” was the name of a very large, transvestite actor/actress in the 1970s. She appeared in the original movie “Hairspray” as Edna Turnblatt, and was known for wearing loud clothing with stylistic choices of questionable taste. “Devine Devil Costume” save for the relative waifishness of this model, would seem rather apt.

    “Divine” refers to the qualities of a goddess (whose image is clearly borne by the Succubi Queen). As a “Divine Devil Costume,” this falls rather short.

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    Hey man, don’t be bad mouthing Devine! She was the inspiration for Ursula the Sea Witch in the Little Mermaid. Anyone who had any hand in the creation of that character is hero/ine in my book. Edna Turnblatt was pretty awesome too, now that I think about it. Devine was like Rufus from Street Fighter but with acting instead of Martial Arts. Oh and the dress is pretty alright I guess.

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    Not bad mouthing . . . just painting a picture. Just about everybody’s taste in clothing (save Tera’s, I expect) was questionable in the ’70s.

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    *snugs my heart*


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    *quickly hides all of the pictures*


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