Jul 05 2014

A Warcraft Succubus Art YouTube…

It’s not often that a Warcraft Succubus appears on the Tale. I just don’t care for them very much and the main reason is their hooves, but that, as they say, is another story. I have however found a neat piece of art and a YouTube that goes with it and so….

And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, try this link:


You can also see the completed art at the artist’s DeviantArt site here.

Warcraft Succubus by Pupsie

Warcraft Succubus by Pupsie

There really aren’t many images of the Warcraft Succubus that have some sexuality in them and don’t dwell on her more violent side. There is a hint of that here, but it is, I think, overcome by her pose, her expression and the mood of the art itself.

She’s not quite completely seductive, not quite, but there is a lovely hint of what she could have been if she had been allowed to be more Succubus than monster. Perhaps sometime that might actually happen in Warcraft… But somehow I doubt it ever will.

Still.. this art has given me some thoughts about a story about her…




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    “Ah, but the Warcraft game is not always running. When it isn’t others still approach me, wisely prepared for battle. Unfortunately for them (or perhaps it is fortunate), those are the times when they typically prepare for the wrong sort of battle.”

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    Strangely enough the Warcraft Succubus is one of the more gentle and likable succubi in videogames. They’re known for being powerful and reliable summons and are acknowledged in-story as being both sapient and capable of love. Maybe a little too capable since apparently most of their summoners end up marrying them somewhere down the line. I hear there was even a Valentines day quest where you help one succubus make a love potion to use on her summoner, who turned out to be a dwarf.

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    I wasn’t aware of that Pocong… That’s something to think about…


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