Jul 02 2014

Little Red Succubi as a costume doesn’t quite work…

Midnight Devil CostumeOne of the things that I dislike is combination costumes. Combining two things that really shouldn’t be put together and creating a costume that just makes you wonder what the designers were drinking when they did so.

This is one of those examples.

This is called the Midnight Devil Costume and it comes with the dress and the cope with horns. There is no tail and shoes are not included.

It sells for $50 US, but it has appeared at several sites for less than $20.

I just get a “Little Red Riding Hood as a Devil” vibe from this costume and it’s not a good one either.

It looks very trashy, ugly, and I cannot see anything good or sexy in it at all. I can see why however it is being sold at a discount. I’m quite sure that this didn’t sell well and that is for what I think will be obvious reasons.

Is it the worst ever?

No, not quite, but it has to be in the top ten I think.

Another zero out of five pitchforks.

Avoid at all costs… Seriously.



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