Jun 29 2014

A Review of Suc-U Too by L. J. Holmes

Suc-U Too by L. J. Holmes

Suc-U Too by L. J. Holmes

Sometime ago on the Tale I reviewed a work called Suc-U by L. J. Holmes, and you can find that review here on the Tale. At the time I thought that there was really a lot in this universe of Succubi and Incubi that had not been touched on. There were really quite a lot of questions left unanswered and I had hopes that the story begun in that work would continue onwards from where it left off.

A second book did appear and it has the same wonderful style and themes in it that the first work did. While it really does not continue the story of Bre from the first work, the story that does unfold is as captivating as the first. It is, after all, important that the story holds you within it and the second work does that as well as the first… puns and all.

The work tells of:

Bal Buster has plans for this night and visiting the warped dreams of the likes of Jeb Newcomb is not amongst them. Lassiter B. Eddum, acting director of her kind is a stick in the mud when it comes to protocol, but this is not just any up and coming artist….this is Kellany! Surely Lassiter can appreciate the importance of her skipping out on work so she can take in the exclusive one-man-showing? And geese, it’s not Bal’s fault the suc she lined up to replace her is MIA. Of course it doesn’t help much Lassiter’s older sister chose today to return and try to remove Lassiter as Acting Director. Lassiter can be a mean boss when she’s fighting for her boss-hood.

I really loved this continuation very much, but honestly the summary is a little misleading. While it does tell of some of the characters in the story, the actual plot really doesn’t touch on what is suggested in the summary. I think the better plot would have been: Bal Buster will do anything to meet the man of her dreams. The thing is, when that dream becomes a nightmare, is she willing to give her drams a chance again?

Bal’s personality is somewhere between self absorbed self interest and being totally invested in herself when she first appears. She is likeable, not stereotypical, but there is something missing about her that comes to the fore once the real point of the story arrives. Perhaps the most delicious moment was when she was preparing for her visit to her dream and the description of her wings and horns being merged with her form. what they did to her, how she felt… I have wondered how to describe the build up within a Succubus when she is anticipating ecstasy… The author did justice to that I think by far…

Once the real story is told, how Bal came to be where she is, what she lost and more, then things are very involved and with that comes moments that transform her from self absorbed towards something more powerful and desirable. That change, when it comes full circle, and what it means to her, was something I didn’t expect.

The part of this story that I really enjoyed was seeing the Queen of the Succubi and the King of the Incubi. More, that they turned out to be something as special as the others in the story and not at all stereotypical. For me, seeing that they loved each other, that they cared about their children, that being all of the Succubi and Incubi, made me very happy. Their story would be something I would have liked to have seen told more than it was, but they obviously cared about love more than anything else. Their secrets, and that of why the Succubi and Incubi are thought of in the way they are, wasn’t something I expected.

That brings me to the thing that caught me in the first work by this author. There are so many stories lurking at the edges and we never really get to see all of their effects or where they end up. I realize that the point of the story is Bal. but there has to be world building of course to bring flavour to the story. There is a lot of that and I just would like to know more about how things work in this universe for my own curiosity.

As part of the climax of the story, a secret is revealed, one that I will not spoil, but I will say that I am fairly sure that it will be giving me some interesting dreams for quite some time. The thing was however that it was somewhat glossed over when it was revealed and then only touched on slightly when Bal’s erotic moments in the story arrived. Somehow I wanted to have more detail on that moment, on how she reacted to it, and what it felt like for her.

The erotic moments in the story are lovely and hot, with a cute teasing buildup over the course of the story that leads to that moment. The puns in the names are a little over the top, but I have to admit that I laughed at the inherent sexuality in their names which really did match nicely with their personalities.

An enjoyable, hot and passionate read with a story that held me… I just would have liked more…

I’m giving this work five out of five pitchforks.

The author has created a wonderful universe with really unique and captivating characters… and yes the puns in all of the names were groan worthy at times, but I do like silly fun too. The only thing that bothers me is the time between stories… I would like to see more from this world sooner rather than later…




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    The rule of thumb, Your Majesty, is to leave one’s audience wanting more (which the author seems to be doing), rather than groaning, “Oh no . . . not again!”

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    I think the puns work because they’re groan worthy. It’s the kind of dumb nomenclature you’d hear on a porn shoot, which actually fits with their nature as “actors” in the erotic dreams of humans. I feel that it helps convey that these succubi enjoy what they do and don’t take it too seriously.

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    A rule that more need to take heed of my heart…


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    Words to remember Pocong…


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