A Review of For Love of a Succubus by Leona D. Reish

For Love of a Succubus by Leona D. Reish

For Love of a Succubus by Leona D. Reish

The question of the family of any Succubus, to me, makes for a very interesting story. The relationships between mother and daughter are important ones and they do shape the person the daughter becomes. But it also matters when the siblings, specifically brothers, are involved and then a very difficult question appears.

What if the Succubus wants her brother? What if the brother in turn isn’t quite sure himself about her, other than he has to protect her. What if she’s doing the same thing for him? What happens when it all comes to a head in one night and they both have to figure out where their relationship is going… And are they really brother and sister or something else?

The work tells the story of:

Living with a succubus can be trying at the best of times, so when Theodore overhears the demonic woman shout his childhood nickname in the height of self-pleasure; their relationship is destined to propel past simpler, platonic affection for the love of a succubus. These lustful, blue-skinned demons come with many tricks and talents, however. After this sleepless night, nothing will be the same between them.

Theo, also known as Teddy has a problem. His mother is a Succubus, as is his sister, and she wants him. He doesn’t know how to take this and in a moment of anger their relationship suffers. Then their Succubus mother has her say and Liz, his sister, makes things up to him… and very clearly tells him what she wants.

Liz, the Succubus of this story, is actually a kind of Succubus that isn’t written about very much. She has blue skin, not red or “normal” human skin and some might see her as being corrupted in a way, based on that. In truth she’s a lot more complex even if her nature need for sex gets the best of her at times. She cares about Teddy very much and in that comes a need that she can’t hide well which causes a conflict between them.

Liz’s mother is, for me, a lovely example of a mother that cares about her family and wants only the best for them, whatever that is. She’s fun, but also she’s a little bit mischievous and that made me like her very much and I wished she had been around a lot longer than she was. There is a little told about Liz and Theo’s father, but he, regrettably, never appears in the story.

Theo himself, being the centre of all that is going on around him, is lost in a way, but also very protective of his family, especially his sister and that felt right. While having to deal with a family that is all about sex and seduction isn’t an easy thing to do, the way he felt about his sister, how he wanted to protect her most of all… That really was touching and I respected him for that.

But Liz gets advice from her mother, finds Theo sleeping on the couch, and it isn’t long before there is some very hot Succubus taking control of things erotica that I did enjoy. It’s some of the best writing of a Succubus having her way with someone that I’ve seen in some time and I liked how Liz spoke, acted, and reacted to Theo as the story went on.

The story ends on what I thought was a lovely place, and really I’d like to see a part two with Liz’s mother being around more, or Liz and Theo being together, maybe Theo coming into his Incubus powers or something like that, but there’s a problem with that thought and I’ll get back to it.

The work is written well, though there are some minor errors in it like “breathe” for “breath” and some odd sentence structure at one or two points. The real problem I have is more of a relationship issue between Theo and his sister that I can’t quite get my mind around. In the summary of this work it is described as “blue-skinned succubus and adopted human brother” sex. But reading through the story, it changes to “succubus and human brother” then it changes again to “succubus and half-incubus brother” and this really bothers me a lot. I’m not sure which one of these is correct in the story and that would be something I’d like to know. What is said by Liz as the story plays out and she seduces him, makes me think that their mother is the same as is their father. It’s just very confusing and that part of the story needs to be straightened out.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A very hot story with really some wonderful Succubus evil, but in a very good way. The problem is that the base story is confused. Are they sister and adopted brother? Or is he really her brother? It keeps shifting around that point and confuses things which bothered me. And please, a little bit more editing as well?

Regardless of all of that, this is the best work by this author that has to do with Succubi I think and they have written a number of books, and a series, about them and Incubi. I will get around to review those works as well in time, but this one, being the one that I adore, needed to be first.




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    • James on June 10, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    Perhaps, if the author had a good editor–someday, Your Majesty might get to have one–the author would not only clean up the loose bits but also to step back and see what was going on with Teddy in the story. Sometimes, one’s understanding of a character one has created evolves as the story is written. The lovely thing about a word processor is, once one sees that, it is possible to go back and make changes so that everything matches.

  1. This is an amazing review, really glad I spotted the favourite on twitter, and thank you very much! Can really feel a lot of passion in it, so it’s quite flattering!

    To address the consistency problem, ah, I thought that had gone through smoothly and didn’t think I’d tripped myself up like that. Basically, it’s as much a meta issue. Publishing incest isn’t allowed so people write “but not blood related” catch-all clauses so as to pass under the radar, as it were. Writing “pseudo” incest is one of the more unstable sorts of things to write, it’s more prone to be taken down if you make any visible association with the word. It feels a bit hurtful to readers, but the alternative would be that it gets taken down or banned entirely from Amazon, where most would find it.

    Initially, I wrote it without concern for that clause, then went back and changed the one section that really stood out as being the definer to me. Initially Liz said that Father did it again and gave Mother a second child, but for sake of not being banned for being blood-related incest, that had to be changed. I must have discounted later lines that went back to saying he was, and it makes me wonder just how thorough they are about checking that in review.

    I’ll give that another look over and check some of the other lines, breath(e) can be an annoying one that slips by easily, so do apologise!

    A number of things I did intentionally leave kind of in the background as implication so I could keep going forward with the pace of the story, and also narrating things that are second nature and common sense to the people involved always feels a bit odd. Kind of “show, don’t tell”, and the showing is like a teasing glimpse.

    While it began as a sort of one-shot, seeing this really makes me want to continue it, and they’re very good ideas! I really could go into explaining or expanding the world and their relationship more, along with their parents, absolutely. Speaking of which and going back to the question of blood relation, I tend to try to really try and make a story element out of that necessary narrative censoring, if not leaving it loose enough that it can be glossed over for a safeguard and imagined that they are blood related.

    So while I’ll give things another pass over, practically (and when being watched by companies in charge of the laws) we can say he’s adopted very young and just from proximity to their demonic auras grew into a sort of pure half-incubus, that everyone would want to get their hands on. Liz is going to see that completed and their bond tightened much more strongly. It’s as good as blood-related, practically spirit and soul related, but doesn’t get me in trouble.

    It’s a fine line to walk, but thank you again! It’s really amazing to get to hear from people that have enjoyed what I do and get to interact with readers like this!

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    • Pocong on June 11, 2014 at 5:12 am

    I’m actually pretty glad to hear that this will be getting a sequel! It’s really hard to find good Dominant Succubus on submissive guy lit. Changing it into pseudo-incest is probably the only way that it’ll fly. I can’t judge amazon too hard on that since incest makes me a little squeemish too, though I don’t fault anyone for liking it. Still, I feel like they forget that this is fantasy and not reality and are too fast to ban things despite adults being able to decide on their own what they want to read. Here’s hoping the series does well!

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    • TeraS on August 13, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    Her Majesty’s editor is, and always will be, the one she trusts most of all… And he knows that trust is for always…


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    • TeraS on August 13, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    Thank you Leona for this and I hope you will someday return to these two…

    Best wishes always!


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