A Review of Hell To Pay: Carnival of Lust by Marc Cabot

Hell To Pay: Carnival of Lust by Marc Cabot

Hell To Pay: Carnival of Lust by Marc Cabot

To my pleasant surprise this week… Actually two of them, but the latter I’ll reveal at the end of this review, I was delighted to learn that Marc Cabot had released a new work in his Hell to Pay series which has one of my favourite Succubi in it. I reviewed the first two works in this series here on the Tale and with that, I’ll be reviewing the third work Hell To Pay: Carnival of Lust.

Temptation exists all around, and who is better to see that temptation and revel in it but a Succubus? What can a Succubus do in the middle of temptations all around her but have fun within that moment… and whom can tell her were her boundaries are, or make her learn about herself? That question matters and always will.

It tells the story of:

Simon Marshall and Lily the Succubus are in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and the French Quarter will never be the same. The first night of Carnival is easy – just a little trip to the Quarter’s hottest strip club, where the stage show gets a lot wilder than even old New Orleans would expect.

But after that, things get dangerous.

First Lily becomes an unlikely heroine by helping Simon save a pretty damsel in distress – and punishing the villain distressing her in ways he’ll never forget. Simon, meanwhile, enjoys the hero’s reward he deserves when gorgeous blonde Brittany expresses her thanks with Lily’s help.

And finally, on Mardi Gras itself, Simon has to face Angelique, a voodoo priestess who’s after Lily’s power and Simon’s spirit. Together the magician and his demon lover can easily overcome her. But at what cost to Simon’s one hope for escaping the Pact that will doom him to Hell? The only weapon that can save him… is lust. And for once, it isn’t Lily who has to fan the flames.

Simon and Lily love parties and what better place for a party than Mardi Gras in New Orleans? All kinds of delicious lust for Lily, a temptingly seductive Succubus to enjoy and the fun that she can provide. But with the fun comes a some unexpected events and moments for them both.

As this is an in-between chapter in the story of Simon and Lily, it tells about a moment between their beginning and where their story goes. In that comes a bit of Lily being a little bit more seductive and tempting in a way, perhaps a bit more rough around the edges of what she thinks and understands about Simon. This works really well as she is… more tending in her personality, wants and needs to be trying to make Simon slip up, as she would try to do as a Succubus. But as well Simon himself is subtly trying to teach Lily something as well and its interesting to see how that effects each of them.

Lily, who is really one of my most favourite Succubi, does something in this work that, for me, really gave me a smile. She of course has to have a costume for Mardi Gras, and honestly it’s just perfect in how it is described and in my thoughts the entire look just seems so familiarly… right. Lily is a redhead of course, but the description of her tail and wings, in how she’s dressed up, is more seduction and the power within that image. Personally, I like that so much better than the entire “hooves” look. Which, by the way, Simon seems to agree with me. And interesting enough, I think that Lily does too. Seduction and beauty trumps… everything. And Lily knows it.

There are three main events in this work, one in which Lily and Simon are heroes, one where Lily fulfills a fantasy for Simon, and one in which the darker side of magic rears its head. I felt that the best of these was the first of these. It was interesting to see how Simon did things that Lily didn’t expect and how Lily herself used her powers to not just control things, but to make things better. Something that was a surprise to her.

The second, the fantasy, was Lily being her best as a Succubus. Fulfilling a fantasy, doing all of the things that Simon wanted and more. But with that temptation and all that Lily gives, there is a surprise in the end that she didn’t see coming either.

The last, where darkness came to them both, showed Lily at her most dangerous. She wasn’t evil exactly, but she showed what lays under the lovely seductive vision in wait for those that are not careful. We’re seen a hint of that in another work, but in this one… well… Her claws come out and she’s all fire and brimstone. As that part of the story unfolds, Lily isn’t the focus of things, Simon is, but again, it’s what happens at the end, the surprise that Lily is faced with that was for me so well done.

The heat in the story is just right, not over the top, not that Lily does things that make no sense for who she is or what she can do. She’s every bit the seductive temptress that I have come to love throughout this series. When she turns herself to being temptation, it is with unabashed pleasure and she revels in every single moment of what she does to those around her. Including Simon. But with that comes a lovely joy in discovering the world of Mardi Gras, the lusts that for Lily are so tasty, and what she can do with them.

It’s a wonderfully written story filled with all sorts of lovely character growth, scenes, moments of passion and discovery. There are some truths told for both Lily and Simon, there are things said and done which drew them both together and reaffirmed for me why I love the two of them so much in this series.

Five out of five pitchforks.

I’ve missed Lily very much and it was nice to see her and Simon in an “in-between” moment that I felt showed how things unfolded in their relationship, but also in how Lily thought. And in doing so, she learned things that she never expected she would.

And, one last note about this work, that other surprise I mentioned… Marc dedicated this work to me and I just wanted to express my thanks and really how much I was overwhelmed when he dropped that surprise on me. The dedication is… right. I can’t explain it any better than that.

Respectfully Dedicated to Her Majesty, Tera.

With my gratitude for showing the world that there is more

to Succubi than meets the eye…

and without whom Lily would not be the character that she is.

Thank you Marc, it means more than I can say… and so does Lily…





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    • James on June 6, 2014 at 11:25 am

    Part of your gift, Your Majesty, is that you not only tell stories of the succubi, you are changing the story of the succubi. It is no surprise to me that you would inspire a truly creative person like Marc.

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    • Legion on June 6, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    I am glad to hear that someone that you have inspired has done such a work that captures the heart of a Succubi. I know the shout out means a lot but I also know that the fact your impressions helped bring about such a well rounded Succubi story means even more. Glad Marc gave you such a great gift my Queen.

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    • TeraS on August 13, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    It’s lovely to know that I can, if only a little so…


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