May 29 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 333

Astaroth is. at least for me, one of the more interesting ideas about what a Succubus looks like. The thing is that it is actually very difficult to find images of her that are more… realistic in nature. By that i mean that most art of her is anime and as such isn’t exactly how I envision her to look like… Until that is I found this delightful piece of art…

Astaroth by ((◉v◉))だめがね

Astaroth by ((◉v◉))だめがね

Now the artist’s name is a little hard to understand, but you can find the original page I found this work on Pixiv here.

I just think this looks… right. That’s about the best way I can explain things I think. Her body shape looks right, her tail is right. I like her outfit, it hugs her form perfectly as well. This is just a really realistic creation of Astaroth and truly it is the best example I have ever seen of her by far I think…

She does make me wonder about her in this form. She’s more powerful and self assured I think in how she is presented here and for me that makes this art so much more attractive. Exactly has she herself should be…




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    Here, Astaroth is portrayed as a cool, confident, steely-strong, powerful blue tail who is looking to size up this red-tailed Succubi Queen she has been hearing about.

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    *tail swisches*


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