May 22 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 332

Mystery is a part of Succubi I believe. There is a certain part of what makes them Succubi that is focused on the mystery of who they are, what they can do and most of all, the secrets that they hold within themselves… I think this week’s image is a nice representation of that…

Succubus by Unknown Artist

Succubus by Unknown Artist

I regretfully have no idea who the artist is of this work of Succubus art and I really would love to know who the artist is so if anyone does have an idea, please leave a comment?

It is a lovely, almost portrait like image that I think is both cute and mysterious at the same time. There is a bit of innocence in her eyes and expression that is placed against her clothing and wings which say that she is a Succubus, but not, at least I think, one that is evil per se… Mysterious certainly, but not evil…

I have to wonder about the image as a whole, the entire portrait-like quality of it. I have seen very few works of art that have the same feeling or take on the Succubi and it is a refreshing change that I would like to see more of…

Perhaps I will…



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