May 21 2014

Actually as a She-Devil this isn’t that bad a costume…

She Devil CostumeI do happen to like to wear the occasional corset, and yes, I do have a few of them in my collection which I mix and match with the costumes that I have to wear. I found one, which I have thought about ordering before to be honest, but there is something about it that keeps giving me pause and I’m not sure what it is exactly…

This is called the She Devil Costume and it comes with a strapless corset with boning and padded cups, the miniskirt, thong, petticoat, a tail, horns and a pitchfork. Shoes not included.

It sells for $115 US and I honestly think that isn’t an outrageous price for all that this costume includes. More so that I find that I like so much of the entire look… Save for the pitchfork which I hate and I have questions about the tail, which they don’t show in this image of the costume.

I really would like to try this costume out sometime, I think it really would look wonderful and it would take so very little for me to make it just about perfect. I have a lovely pair of horns and a tail that would be smashing with this costume and a neat pair of strappy heels that would just be perfect…

As it is, I’ll give this costume four out of five pitchforks…

I’ll have to seriously order this costume… Possibly for this Halloween…




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    It is cute . . . it needs to be made that just-that-little-something-more . . . andI have no doubt that you could accomplish it.

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    It’s so wonderful to see a good succubus costume. Hopefully it’ll get enough support to convince the suits that these things deserve more effort. I also appreciate that they give you your moneys worth on it instead of selling it piecemeal like some of the other vendors I’ve seen.

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    I hope for that my heart…


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    It’s a good start and that’s better than most…


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