May 14 2014

I can’t see this costume starting much of a fire…

Fire Starter CostumeI have, and I still cannot believe that I have, found yet another new low for… well.. I can’t call this a Succubus costume and a Devil Girl one is a real stretch of the imagination. I can say that it is another example of one of the worst costumes I have ever seen…

This is called the Fire Starter Costume and it comes with the… well… I’ll call it s a dress, the horns and according to the descriptions I have seen… That’s all.

No boots or gloves or anything else and it sells for around $30 US at most places I have found it…

It’s… well… It really isn’t all that sexy to be honest. It almost looks like something that was worn during a party in the mid-1960s to a go-go.

I suppose that it still could be, but overall I just find the entire thing leaves me just cold. Now I will admit that part of this is the model’s expression which seems so very campy and just seems to be screaming at anyone looking to buy this costume that they should run away… screaming.

I honestly can’t see a way to make this better or make me want to wear this at all…

Another zero out of five pitchforks…

There will be more…




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    Aww jeez… I swear I’ve had this nightmare before. Creepy costume girl makes that face and waves a number card over her head. Then I have to fight Yodsanklai Fairtex and a tiny floating whale in my underwear.

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    The word you are looking for (for this something that doesn’t belong in the Tale) is “mess.”

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    Heh and to think for a moment I thought the title read “I can’t see this costume because I set it on fire.”

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    “Mess” might be too good a thing for this…


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