May 11 2014

A Review of the Hocus Pocus Gender Swapicus Trilogy by Sinn Lee

Hocus Pocus Gender Swapicus Trilogy by Sinn Lee

Hocus Pocus Gender Swapicus Trilogy by Sinn Lee

A review of a series by Sinn Lee today on the Tale, one that I think is very telling of this author’s talents in writing long involved stories set in a detailed universe. I’ll be reviewing each work by itself and then I’ll review the entire series as a whole.

What happens when magic becomes real and what was thought to be only legends also is shown to be very real as well? What happens to a world when it is invaded from another place? Who do you believe and who do you trust? Moreover, who do you turn to when your world is turned upside down?

  • Title: Hocus Pocus Gender Swapicus Trilogy
  • Author: Sinn Lee
  • Length: 52 Pages
  • ASIN: B00K31L7MQ
  • Publishing Date: May 1, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

This bundle includes the following stories in the ‘Hocus Pocus Gender Swapicus Series’

  • Best Friends: Felix is studying to become a mage in a war-torn world filled with demons. When he receives a mysterious gift from his parents from overseas, he can’t help but test it out in the company of his best friend Charles. Felix and Charles’s relationship heats up in a steamy twist when Felix turns into a girl. Charles pressures Felix to be a good friend and let him touch, and more.
  • Girlfriend: Felix must confront the reality of becoming a girl and being possessed by a demon. Unfortunately for Felix, it’s difficult to find help in his friends, when one of them turns out to be a futanari succubus who has her own plans for his new feminine body.
  • Professor: A demon turns Felicia into Professor Yuri’s assistant. Felicia must convince the professor that she’s his sexy assistant, even if it means getting naughty in the classroom.

In Best Friends, the series sets out the world that Felix lives in. It’s one of the most interesting concepts that I have read and, more to the point, it gives many places for the story to layer in questions about this world, about Felix, those around him, and the dangers that they face every day. Felix himself is a mix of different emotions and thoughts which comes out in the story as it unfolds.

The means in which Felix is transformed is a rather sneaky way of doing so, but it makes perfect sense in this universe and its situation. What happens after his transformation really doesn’t say good things about his so-called male friend, but it does allow for the story to move towards the real means and reason for Felix’s transformation into Felicia.

The transformation is done off the page and Felix is left to deal with her new gender, her situation, and finds herself involved with her friend. That involvement is both hot in what happens, but also cold in the aftermath of it, which considering the other character, wasn’t a surprise.

The demoness that is responsible for this was well played as she wasn’t stereotypical in how she spoke or the thoughts that she shared. I thought, at first, she was a Succubus for how she spoke and what she “suggested” as things unfolded, but the real Succubus appeared in the next book.

The work sets out the rules for the series, the situation and in doing so it wraps the erotica in a way so that it doesn’t feel out of place or awkward, even if it is for Felix at least. It makes for a good, well told opening chapter to the series and that’s always a good thing to see.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

In Girlfriend, the story lays out Felix’s situation more clearly as Felix takes on the name Felicia at the prodding of the demoness inside of her… and her friend Olivia is revealed to be a Succubus, and their relationship changes as a result.

Olivia is quite a unique Succubus in several ways, not the least of which is her physical difference. What I found the most interesting is that, because of the world she is in, that what she is remains hidden but those that are possessed by a demon of some kind, like Felicia, can see her horns, if only ghostly. The scene of Felicia speaking for the demoness within her to Olivia is at times hilariously funny, but in that comes a lot of information about how things work in this universe that was well done.

Olivia is rather dominant, slightly scheming, but also tells of how she lives which brings up the topic of hypnosis and mind control over their classmates which, again, made perfect sense. She has a history, a goal, a reason for being where she is and that just adds to her character in many ways. It was also nice to see that in this universe, at least according to Olivia, Succubi do not kill to survive, though they are slightly oversexed. There is also an interesting comment made about two types of Succubi that I thought put an interesting twist on this universe.

With the urging of the demoness inside of her, Felicia submits to Olivia’s desires and there is a long and lovely hot scene between the two of them. It’s quite clear what Olivia wants and it is more clear as the scene unfolds that Felicia is becoming more aware and comfortable in her new body.

By the end of this work, plans are made to help Felicia, and in doing so help Olivia as well, but as well the demoness reveals what she wants and that could be a problem even if the demoness can help with the obvious one that arises.

It’s a nice bridging story which opens up the main characters to be more than simply the erotic moments that they have together. It answers some questions, but leaves some still unanswered which then leads nicely into the last part of this series.

Four out of five pitchforks.

In Professor, Felix, now Felicia, is pushed into helping the demoness that transformed her into passing her on to another, the problem is that it is one of Felicia’s professors. And there’s another problem that the demoness will have to deal with to get what she wants.

Plans are made, things change, emotionally and physically for Felicia, and in order to be free of the demoness she’s made to do something that she didn’t expect she would have to do. That story unfolds, but as it does she realizes something and when the climax of the story arrives, the truth between herself and Olivia becomes very clear.

The character development in this part of the series for Felicia held me through what was otherwise a hot flash, a seduction, and a new sexual experience for her. What she realizes as things unfold, what she comes to accept as what she wants and desires is a significant change from where her story began and I think that added a lot to the series as a whole.

The same can be said about Olivia in that her view of things is changed through Felicia as well and in that there is a side to Olivia that I didn’t expect. I found that made me like her much more and, in a way, respect her choices. She becomes more, is more. There are erotic moments between them, but they are slightly different than before and that made the ending so much better.

It ties up the story arc for these characters, but also leaves some very interesting stories to be told. Not just with them, but this entire universe, what’s going on, and what the end results of everyone’s actions might be.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

As a whole the collected stories build up a world that leaves one wondering what will happen next. The series ends in a place that I didn’t expect it to, but honestly I am quite pleased that it did. The characters are interesting, the story kept my interest, and when it ended I wished for more. The only nitpick I have is that the author needs to give their work one more edit to catch the few, and there are only a very few, mistakes such as “you’re” for “your” or the occasional tense mistake.

The series as a whole?

Four out of five pitchforks.

I’d like to see more in this universe written, Not particularly about Felicia or Olivia, though that doorway would be something to see, but to find out just what’s going on in this world in the places talked about but stories not told.

Recommended as I think this is the best thing this author has written so far and it shows the promise they have very well. The only thing the really need is to slow down and edit a little bit better…




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    It is good to know that the author is continuing to grow in this craft. To create a believable, attractive world, with characters who begin to live and breathe on their own and lead us through their story is quite an accomplishment. And Olivia sounds quite fascinating.

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    Gender swap isn’t really my thing, but I love me some well done world building! It’s something that I feel people forget to do whenever they decide to make a new series. In my opinion it’s absolutely necessary in anything above a hot flash or a fighting game since you need a way for your audience to suspend their disbelief. A well built world provides the framework that allows people to get into your story.

  3. avatar

    The author is getting better all of the time…


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