May 10 2014

An almost real-life Morrigan Aensland painting YouTube

I found an interesting and really quite amazing piece of art on YouTube recently. The artist describes it as the “most realistic Morrigan Aensland painting” and i can see that being very true in many ways for all of the talent this artist has in their works…

And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, click this link:


And one screenshot from the video that hints at all of the detail in this artist’s rendering of Morrigan Aensland…

Morrigan Screenshot

If you happen to watch the video, I think that it is a really involved photo manipulation that brings Morrigan to life. Nonetheless, she is a lovely representation of Morrigan and I think it is one of the best that I have seen in some time.

I would have liked the video to show more of the art, as in a complete view of it, but you can find more of this artist’s work at their website here.

There is much lovely art to see there and some lovely art they have for sale as well…



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    It could be a painting using a real life model, too.

    And there is something very satisfying about this. I believe the idea of a realistic Morrigan has a lot more power than the exaggerations. Here is somebody who would capture you before you knew you were being hunted . . . and you wouldn’t care.

  2. avatar

    Jeez, he wasn’t kidding with that title. I would like to see a full view of the painting too, but there’s not much to be done about that. I especially like the ruffles on her weird leotard, it makes it look like an outfit someone could actually wear.

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    There are some cosplayers that create wonderful Morrigans…


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