Apr 30 2014

This costume isn’t quite Hot Stuff…

Hot Stuff CostumeI know that a costume being “hot” is in the eyes of the beholder… I just think this one isn’t all that much…

This is called the Hot Stuff costume and it comes with what is described as a red and black haltered bodysuit with piping and trimmed collar, armlets and horns. The shoes are not included, there is no tail, and it sells for $35 where you can find it on the web.

I have quite a few problems with this costume, the main one being that without the horns it has nothing at all to do with anything Succubish or Devilish that I can see.

It is, sort of, interesting in the material it is made of, but beyond that there really isn’t much that I like about it. I don’t think there is any real way to make it look better either.

I suppose that it could be a “dominatrix Succubus” costume in style, but that might be stretching things a lot to say that.

This is one of those costumes that gives me ideas, mainly in the things I have already in my collection of costumes and how I could make something look a lot better than this is.

Still, it is not totally awful which has to be worth something. I think that the horns would need to go, they just look wrong with this costume. I have better ones to wear with this and….well, there would be a few other changes as well. Mostly that I would find a pair of thigh high boots that are close to the same material to this costume to wear…

If you are going to be dommish, you might as well do it right…

Two out of five pitchforks.




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    Okay, without the horns, this wouldn’t be succubish or devilish at all, and the first thing you get rid of is the horns? How does this get two pitchforks? As a cautionary example, perhaps?

    Just because stuff is hot, that doesn’t always make it good–see black market contraband, radioactive waste, burned meats, etc. May I suggest that Her Majesty should find the things that are in her closet, make her better costume, and use the money Her Majesty would then not spend on this mess to create a trust to aid costumers handicapped by a lack of basic taste?

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    You know, I’ll take “kind of bad” over “TOTAL SHIT” any day of the week. At the very least this thing had an idea behind it and can be salvaged with a little work. Considering the title and the usual fare that costume makers spew out, it’s at least mediocre. It’s like having to choose between being punched in the face or being shot, sometimes you just have to eat fist.

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    But the fun is in finding the disasters my heart… At least it could be called fun…


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    “kind of bad” is a step up considering… But there will be worse I promise…


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