Apr 24 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 328

I have, occasionally, pondered the sorts of things a Succubus might do. Not the obvious things like being a stripper or something like that. Mainly because that’s far too common and simple a thing for a Succubus to do with her life…

And then, I found this cute piece of a 50’s Car Hop Succubus which just made me smile and ponder the possibilities…

Car Hop Succubus by Rakugaki

Car Hop Succubus by Rakugaki

This work is called Car Hop Succubus and is by an artist on Tumblr calling themselves Rakugaki. You can find the page I found this art here and the artist’s Tumblr page is here as well.

I’ve often said that I like Succubi when they are sexy-cute and she really is that. There’s jsut something about her that looks… right. I really can’t explain it much better than that. Love the roller shoes and her outfit, Neat hairstyle that works well with her pose and expression too. Her horns might be a little bit over the top, but considering her tail, they do match each other don’t they?

I wonder what the daily specials might be at her diner. Might be a story in that somewhere I think…

Please do visit this artist’s Tumblr Blog, there are some really interesting pieces of art to be found there!



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