Apr 23 2014

It is a little costume, but not that much a Succubus

Sexy Lil Devil in Red Halloween CostumeI like cute in a costume and really it shouldn’t be that hard for that to appear in them. The right look, the right shape, the right accessories, all of them should be able to come together and make a costume better. At least that is my theory, but I have been proven wrong many times before…

This is called the Sexy Lil Devil in Red Halloween Costume and it comes with the dress and horns and the pitchfork and nothing more. It sells for $45 US on several sites I have found it, though it does appear for less occasionally.

Overall there really isn’t all that much to this costume, though I will say that if the high collar wasn’t there I would like it more than I do.

It reminds me of several similar costumes that have appeared on the Tale before and if it is, then it would be, I believe, the fourth of fifth different version of the same idea that I have seen from the same costume manufacturer.

I can say that because in every one of the pictures I have seen, that same lousy pitchfork appears in the images which just disappoints me even more.

One and a half pitchforks out of five.

This is becoming repetitive and that should tell the manufacturer that they need to think of something new. But I doubt it…




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    I really want to meet the designers of these costumes so that I can ask them what’s up with their high collar fetish. Maybe they think that Succubi are like immortals in the Highlander series and the collar is to keep other succubi from lopping off her head to experience the quickening?

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    I assume you mean one and a half real pitchforks, which would be about two dozen of these things . . . *winking*

    Clearly, the manufacturers either do not read the Tale (which shows a lack of monitoring important media sites) or they have a learning disability.

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    I think it’s the classic “all sexy creatures are vampires” trope that keeps appearing… That needs to get changed… Sometime…


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    That might be a bit kind my heart…


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