Apr 20 2014

A Review of Dominated by a Demoness by John Dylena

Dominated by a Demoness by John Dylena

Dominated by a Demoness by John Dylena

Not all Succubi are the same… obviously. They have their own personalities and in that comes their own view of how they see others. For some it is a question of simply being dominant and in being so, taking control of others and bending them to their will.

That in itself is an interesting story. The question that needs to be asked is not so much about them as the one that summons them and for what purpose… and what the Succubus does about that. But sometimes one character can take away from that idea…

It tells the story of:

Whenever Amy, Chris’ incredibly hot neighbor, would come by his apartment, he couldn’t say no to her. No matter how aggressive and dominant she got. But after a hot night of pegging at Amy’s mercy, Chris realized something had to be done. He thought he found an answer in an old book of spells; an incubus bound to his will. Instead he mistakenly summoned a succubus, who decided to bend Chris to her will.

Amy uses Chris and has for some time in many ways. Chris comes into possession of a book and attempts to summon an Incubus, but instead calls a Succubus who decides that the best thing is to take him, have her way with him and then… things go from there.

Overall it is an interesting story which has a “beware of what you wish for” vibe to it. The way Chris comes into possession of the book is quite well done and I liked that part of the story very much.

When the Succubus Iotonna appears, she’s very much a Domme and in being so takes control of Chris, his life, and bends him to her will. All of that is well done and quite hot. When Amy is taken into Iotonna’s clutches, that also is well done, the mind control aspect is quite good too.

Iotonna herself is not quite stereotypical, though her actions at times are somewhat cruel and overpowering. That is, of course, her personality, but considering the other Succubi this author has written about, she’s… different. It’s not in a bad way, but it is different. Perhaps the best way to look at Iotonna is that she’s a different facet of the Succubi universe this author has created and in doing so we see another part of that world from her perspective.

The one character that I didn’t enjoy was Amy. I don’t care for cruelness and she was very much that in this story. This was necessary in order to drive Chris towards finding the book and summoning Iotonna, I understand that. But for me the scenes at the beginning of the story when Amy was acting out of spite and revenge… didn’t quite sit well with me. It was for story I know, but I was uncomfortable with that part.

Once that was past, the rest of the story I found well written and I enjoyed the transformation scenes, which the author always does well. But that first part of the story kept me from really enjoying the work as a whole.

I’ll give this work three pitchforks out of five.

The story itself is interesting in the creation of the situation Chris finds himself in and what comes into his possession to do something about it. The problem I mainly have is with Amy She did nothing for me and in that comes the problem.




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    When a story really has only three characters, if one of them has no real redeeming or likeable features, that can be a real problem. Curiously, it almost sounds as if Amy is more of a Demoness than the succubus.

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    Honestly, I’m kind of lost as to what purpose Amy really serves here. I feel like the plot could have just focused on Chris and Iotonna and been the better for it. Still, succubi dommes are always a load of fun and the the other two characters make up for it.

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    I just think that John, like me, does seduction better…


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