Apr 19 2014

Which Succubus YouTube is better?

I found two YouTube videos of a Succubus that I don’t recognize. Now, part of this post is to ask if anyone knows wether she appears in a videogame or something similar and the other part is to figure out which version of her is the better one…

The first video:

And here is a link if it doesn’t appear here on the Tale:


And the second:

And, again, here is a link if it doesn’t appear here on the Tale:


Now one of them is rather darker than the other not just in the lighting, but also what she looks like in the video, so, for me at least, I don’t care for the second video as much as I do for the first one really. I will say that I don’t care for the glowing red eyes as well, but she does have a tail and horns which are important to me. The interesting this is that her wings are quite good as well and match her outfit well too…

Succubus Screenshot

But overly dark Succubi really don’t do a lot for me…



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