Apr 10 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 326

Time this week for cuteness… Honestly and truly this is one of the cutest images of the Succubi that I have seen… She’s just too adorable for words and I think she will be one of my top ten Succubi pieces of art for the year…

GO - Random Succubus by Baitou

GO – Random Succubus by Baitou

This wonderful piece of art is titled GO – Random Succubus by Baitou and you can find her here on the page I originally found her on and this artist’s DeviantArt page is here too…

I would love to say that she represents me, but obviously she doesn’t. However, I can see quite a lot of my Succubi self in her… She just has that certain style that the Succubi me has and that just makes me adore this art even more…

She isn’t over the top, she isn’t blatantly sexual, and most of all, she doesn’t “look” like the stereotypical Succubus. All of that, truly, makes this piece of art something that brings me a lot of happiness when I look at her…

And that’s the most important thing…




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    Yes, she is very cute.

    And I think “Tera’s Top Ten Succubi Images” would be a lot of fun . . .

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    I love her dress! It’s kind of like an upside down orchid. It’s so classy and that’s something that you don’t see with a lot of succubi pictures. I like that her sexuality is more downplayed, it let’s her put people at ease so that she can draw them in. A predatory flower, if you will.

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    That’s a list that keeps changing.. Because there’s no order to it and there is an infinite number of 10’s appearing…


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    That’s part of the fun . . . the numbers keep changing, and it’s a list that is “bigger on the inside” . . .

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    It does make it more interesting doesn’t it?


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