Mar 30 2014

A Review of Session Six: In Plain Sight by John Dylena

Session Six: In Plain Sight by John Dylena

Session Six: In Plain Sight by John Dylena

Today I am continuing my review of the series The Succubus’ Sub, by John Dylena. You can find the review of the first book in the series here on the Tale. The second book was reviewed here on the Tale as well and the third can be found here. The fourth work’s review can be found here. Finally, the fifth book’s review can be found here as well on the Tale.

This review will be of the sixth book which is also the beginning of the second part of this series.

With the beginning of the next part of this series comes a lot of questions to ponder. Where is Myserra taking Brett? What will he face? And what about Heather? In this work, the questions aren’t all answered but those that are touched upon are… interesting…

The story tells of:

Monday mornings are never fun to wake up to. Especially after an extended weekend full of self-discovery like the one Brett just had.

However, this Monday is going to be different from all the rest when Brett walks into work looking and sounding different. Brett’s boss Heather has trouble keeping her hands off of the new girl, a woman named Brooke wearing a strangely similar collar as Brett.

Brett’s time as a woman is only just beginning, and as day becomes night, Brett finds himself once again bound head to toe in latex. A rubber doll for Myserra to play with.

The next step in Brett’s relationship with Myserra arrives as she gives Brett a gift to see how the other half lives… but there are complications and Heather is one of those by far. Brett, now Brooke, discovers just how different things are in his world and what that means for him, his Mistress and Heather as well.

I didn’t expect two things which happened in this story. One, and possibly the most important in the series so far, was how Heather was dealt with. The reasons that Myserra gives for her decisions do make sense and I can see why she did what she did. I’m not quite sure that Brett is going to deal with it well for one thing and the other is if Brett can manage to keep one specific secret away from Heather going forward. Somehow I think that will come into play in the future in an important way. Brett’s reaction to his Mistress I thought was exactly right when she told him the decision about Heather. I can see him doing what he did and as well I thought that how Myserra reacts to his outburst, for me at least, was the right thing at the right time.

The other thing that I didn’t quite expect was just how… forceful… Heather was towards Brett, now Brooke. I’m not expecting her to be meek, as she is under Myserra’s influence, but I didn’t expect her to so openly try to influence Brett again after Heather had suffered through Myserra’s punishment for what she did before. Myserra explains that reason, to an extent, but I would like to know just why Heather seems to have this need to sink her fingers into Brett so much. It feels like there are plans within plans at a few points in the work and, again, I wonder where that will lead to.

Brett’s transformation into Brooke was well done and I thought that Myserra’s reactions to Brooke were rather cute in their own way. The one thing that I think would be interesting to see would be Brett… not thinking of himself as Brett… but as Brooke. As Brooke he thinks of himself as “he” in the story and it seems to me that at some point that needs to be “she” instead. I just think that would be an interesting path to go down considering the taunting from Heather and the teasing from Myserra that happens during this time.

I also think it was good that Myserra has limits to her powers and in having them makes a logical decision on how Brett can spend time as Brooke. Again, it feels like there is something coming with those decisions as well, and I wonder where that will lead to. The limits and protections she puts over Brett I think work really well and also show that she is more than she appears to be. It also was a good thing to see an explanation of why Myserra has limits in this universe and how those limits are defined.

Over the course of the work, Brett, as Brooke, tries to deal with all of the changes she is experiencing, Heather taunting and teasing him, and as well the way Myserra has tried to protect her. There are some very funny moments when Brooke asks some questions, and I did laugh at them… There is a reward for Brett, eventually, and the moments at the end of the story when that reward comes do fit well with how the rest of the series has dealt with his relationship with Myserra. I wonder if Brooke will find herself going to her office in latex sometime…

There are one or two very minor editing problems in the work, mostly a missing word here and there, but it really isn’t anything to draw you from the work as a whole. Overall a well written story with good focus on character and plot with some lovely erotic moments in it. Brooke/Brett has something to look forwards to.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The turning of Brett’s reality is an interesting path to start upon and it will be something to watch…




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    It sounds like an interesting direction in which to take things, and I would hope that the author could really explore what it means for Brett to be Brooke (beside the changes in gender plumbing). And it is nice that things are being built over several stories, since no one story has enough space (in pages) to really build anything.

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    I have every faith in John that will be…


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