Mar 29 2014

An Artist drawing Morrigan Aensland YouTube

While it is neat and I find it interesting to watch artists working in Photoshop with their art, I have to admit that there is something about them using traditional materials that I find more satisfying as a whole. What’s more, it gives a peek into just how the artist creates and that, really in an insight that I enjoy…

And if you cannot see the YouTube here, try this link:


Now, the video is rather small, so the image of the finished art is as well, but really it’s a neat image of Morrigan I think as a whole…

Morigan Aensland by starswithnames

Morigan Aensland by starswithnames

I haven’t seen much art of Morrigan where her colours are hand painted and, honestly, I really like the look here. There’s something about the organic look of her wings that makes them stand out more than they usually do. That is probably because of the paint itself, but really it’s an aspect of her that isn’t given a lot of focus to. And considering that I don’t care for wings all that much, that’s saying something I think…



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