A RealmLabs Special Report by James

The things are still going on in my world and as such I could not write anything for the Tale this week… But my heart has…


A RealmLabs Special Report


We interrupt your regularly scheduled Tale story for this special report from RealmLabs.


Recent Internet pictures of succubi with sparkly horns and tails have prompted extensive research into the phenomenon. Dr. Tracey Jurgens believes she and her team have found the source of the infection in the strange realm of AnaHahyeam. Calling it Disneyriasis, she says this comes of particular intimate contact with purveyors of what is called “Pixie Dust.” Here is an excerpt from Dr. Jurgens’ interview with a Ms. T. Bell, an attractive, winged blonde—Dr. Jurgens says she would look even better with a green tail and horns—whom the realm believe infected “Patient Zero.”


“One night, I was flitting around the gardens outside Cinderella’s Castle—you can get the smoothest buzz off the bluebell nectar there—when there was this puff of tangerine-scented smoke, and I saw this babe with chestnut hair, hazel eyes, and a body with even better curves than mine. Now, I have always been into guys (and strictly older men ever since that pimply Petey kicked me to the curb for that Darling slut), but there was something about Julia, something that stirred me to primal levels.


“She had arrived by night . . . pretty late, and there was hardly anybody around except me, and, of course, she couldn’t see me except as a little glimmer that dazzled her eyes while I purred in her creamy ears. She gasped when I took a taste of her left lobe, and I swooned, somersaulting backward through the air until my spiral was broken by . . .


“. . . an orange tail. Now this was quite intriguing. She was purring more and more, which was arousing me more and more. Somehow I was overwhelmed with a yearning, compelled to fly up behind those delightful horns and begin . . . begin . . . I’m almost embarrassed to admit this . . . do I really have to?


“You want me to? But I’m not sure . . . You want me to tell you everything, even if it makes me blush? Well, you look a bit flushed yourself, Doctor, and . . . Stop avoiding the subject? But Doctor . . . Call you Trace? . . .  Ummm . . . Ooooo  . . . Mmmmmm . . . Tracing the end of your purple tail down the small my back, just like Julia did when I . . . when I . . . oh my  . . . Oh Walt! Oh Walt!  Oh Walt!  Oh Walt! . . .




The interview recording seems to break off here, and resumes with Ms. Bell seeming a tiny bit winded.


“We were both moaning in harmony when I felt her touch me with the tip of her fingernail. I knew what she wanted, and so did I . . . I might have wanted it more.


“That was when I sprinkled the pixie dust on her.


“Now, I know what the stories say, that pixie dust makes people fly. Well, I did that with the Darling urchins, because Petey wanted them to fly—I should have known then and there that he was just being lead about by that bulge in his green tights. Basically, the Dust makes whatever alteration I need on a person at the moment. The next thing she knew, Julia—I learned her name so that I would be able to scream it that night—was just my size. I could have become her size, like I am now,  but I was guessing that she had never done it inside a tulip bloom. Believe me, we both got nicely pollenated by dawn.


“And then . . . mmmmmmm . . . Trace, your toe running along the inside of my thigh like that, it just . . . just . . . call you “Doctor”? Ohhhhhhhhh . . . kaaaay . . . I . . .


“Oh, yeah . . .


“The next morning, we awoke in one of the beds in the castle . . . honey, that whole night was a blur, and I have no idea how we got there. But Julia’s tail and horns were all . . . well . . . sparkly, and she had this insipid smile on her face. And where did she find the knee-length dress and the frilly apron and the pearls? And why was she cooking me breakfast and whistling? Worst of all, when I tried to pull her back into the bed for round . . . what was it? seven? . . . all she did was shake my hand and kiss me on the cheek . . .


“It was soooooo, depressing. But . . . yes, you are making me . . . making me . . . making me feel MUUUUCH better . . . and . . . Oh? . . . Well, no, I don’t have any dust. You want me to come with you now, and you’ll make me forget all about Julia, all about AnaHahyeam? Why, sure I could . . . I could . . .”


That was the end of the recording. Julia and several other succubi whom she sang to and cleaned for upon her return to the Realm exhibited similar sparkly horns and tails, high degrees of perkiness, and an unacceptable asexuality. Treatments have been long and painful, with many incubi nurses falling victim to the effects of the singing and needing massive doses of carnal therapy themselves. While most of the contagion has past, we do warn our viewers that a few residents of the Realm remain unaccounted for, several angelkitties are rumored to have been pressed into service cleaning woodland cottages, and the sound of singing crickets has been heard from the far shores of the Lake of fire.


Our listeners are warned that, if you see anyone with a sparkly tail and/or horns, you should not approach them directly, no matter how kind and chipper they may seem. Call or text RealmLabs immediately so that a professional team can aid this poor unfortunate.


Disneyriasis: it’s no laughing matter.


We now return you to “Succubi Anonymous,” already in progress.


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    • James on March 24, 2014 at 10:44 am

    Just a bit of fluff, maybe with an explanation of some of those wretched succubus/devil girl costumes. The thanks goes to my Dear One for letting me come and play.

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    • TeraS on April 22, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    Perfect, lovely fluff my heart…


    Thank you…


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