Mar 21 2014

A Review of Dreams in Red: Part Two by Lilith Li

Dreams in Red: Part Two by Lilith Li

Dreams in Red: Part Two by Lilith Li

I do understand why some authors publish their works in parts. Sometimes that is just how things work out. Perhaps the story itsn’t fleshed out enough, or there is a good break in the action that allows for doing so.

The problem I have is when the overall story is broken up into pieces and it appears that the only reason for doing so is to force the reader to buy all of the chapters to gave the story…

I think that is rather poor form honestly…

  • Title: Dreams in Red: Part Two
  • Author: Lilith Li
  • Length: 4,000 Words
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B00F9X2S8A
  • Publishing Date: September 17, 2013
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells about:

Gwen’s demon begins to reach beyond dreams.

This work is the following chapter to Gwen’s slow descent into her tryst with a demon and as this part of the story progresses things become… darker still. The demon, certainly an Incubus, manages to move from her dreams to reality and then beyond that, though I will not spoil that part of the story here. Mind you it was telegraphed in the first part of this work quite obviously.

Like the first part, the reality seemed to be dream-like in quality and over time it really felt like both reality and dream had merged for Gwen. The problem, at least for me, was that it is more of a nightmare and a harsh one at that.

Unlike the first work, which showed some promise, this part just left me cold by the end, being mostly setup for the climax to come I think. The moments of erotica might be fine for those that enjoy domination stories which are slightly cruel, but I do not.

I found that I didn’t care about the characters or the story for that matter by the time I was finished with this work. That’s not to say that I am not wondering about certain parts of it, but that alone isn’t enough for me to want to read this work. I need to want to read a story, to see what happens and enjoy it. I just… couldn’t.

But the biggest problem I have is that parcelling out this story into small chunks, basically a chapter and not much more, and charging what to me feels like an excessive amount for what little there is to like in the story rubs me the wrong way. As well, I found that the heat in the story is becoming less over time, moving more into the worlds of pain and suffering and I do not personally enjoy that sort of thing.

Mix with that some overpowering domination in a way that, again, I do not enjoy, then add to that the almost indifference I felt when the last page arrived and… I just cannot find myself continuing to read this series. I may think about buying the entire work in one volume if that happens, but otherwise? I cannot find my way clear to continuing.

I’m giving this work one and a half out of five pitchforks.

It had promise, but then the heat and passion were run over by cruel dominance…

I will not be looking at any other works in this series in the future I think. Making a reader buy one chapter for $2.99 over and over again does not endear me to continuing on. If I should find a single book with all of the parts in it, I’ll think about reading it… But for now… I’ll wait.




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    I believe that last time I accused this author of masturbatory motivations. I was wrong; they are clearly mercenary.

    Alas, both the author and I can be more wrong at the same time.

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    Charging you per chapter? That’s pretty low. Pure scumbag tactics for the story of a person’s one-sided mental kickboxing match leaking into real life. I don’t get off on curb-stomping either and I definitely don’t get off on getting hustled.

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    As the book is not there anymore… Could well be…


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