Mar 13 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 322

Two weeks of Succubi with hooves for the Succubi of the week… That’s something unique I think if I remember that correctly. Why this particular image? Well, if I ignore the hooves she does make me think of an interesting story which isn’t a bad thing… and the story behind her is interesting as well…

Misty Commission by Curlyhair

Misty Commission by Curlyhair

This image was a commission of an artist called Curlyhair on DeviantArt. You can find this artist’s page here and the page I found this work is here on DeviantArt.

The short version of the story behind Misty is that she is a cheerleader in a school and took a book of magic which then transformed her into a Succubus. It also warped her mind so that she has always, at least in her mind, looked like this as well.

The artist really has brought out the personality in this character, which before her change was a bit on the manipulative side. You can see it in her pose and expression and I would also say in her eyes in spite of them being not really visible. She has kind of a menacing air about her which for her more devilish look makes sense and looks right for her.

I’m not sure that her clothing being torn up is the best way of drawing her, but then I am picky about how Succubi appear. As always, I am not too thrilled by her hooves, though again she is more of an “evil” Succubus so that does kind of have to happen in a way…

But then my thoughts turn to how could I write a story about something, or someone, like this…

Maybe I will…



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