Succubi Anonymous Part I By TeraS

To those that will read this story, and then moan and complain about my using Succubi for the plural and singular tenses of my characters. Deal with it. This isn’t a story about the traditional Succubus myth. It’s my own. And in my mythos we are Succubi, one and all.


Succubi Anonymous
By TeraS


It’s hard to understand addiction unless you have experienced it …


The sun had just begun to set in the Realm when she left her home and started to make her way to were she was supposed to be, but didn’t honestly wish to be. It was the longest walk of her life. Considering that she was one of the Succubi, that was saying something.

It wasn’t the distance itself that was the problem; she could have simply willed herself there in an instant. The problem was that she was going to have to do something she didn’t want to. She would have to tell her story, all of it, and face the slings and arrows of those that would be there. The thought of telling her story, all of it, every awful part that ate at her from within, just did not make the time pass as she walked along.

As she went along, she noticed, here and there, others going this way and that, seemingly happy in their own lives. For the most part, really, nothing caught her attention … until she saw a black tail leading her slave crossing her path.

She stopped and stared at them. The black tail was obviously in control, her long thigh high boots swishing as she walked. Her slave, her pet, her thrall—a male—was being led on his leash a few short steps behind her.

The observer shivered and closed her eyes, hoping to control herself. She hoped for a moment of quiet in her thoughts, a moment to gather her will so she might quietly continue on her way. Instead, she had a flash of a moment, one that both thrilled her and shamed her. She remembered holding court, her thralls whimpering and kneeling around at her feet. Their collars shimmering around their necks, their wills bent … twisted … reshaped and redefined. She bit the inside of her cheek to stifle the moan that she knew was coming; a moan growing from her desire to turn, leave, and go back to all of that delicious submission that she held and controlled. The heat within began to boil and she shook as the need to control … command … be worshipped …

“Are you okay?”

The voice shook her away from her thoughts, though the heat was still there, simmering, and an urge bubbled up in her: to take, completely, the one who disturbed her. When she opened her eyes, that thought left as she realized who had spoken. She knew him well, of course she did. He knew exactly what she was going through.

Her reply rode on a sigh: “Hi, Lee.”

He looked at her, his green tail shifting behind him as he did so: “Annnd let me guess: you saw Rachel with her toy and lost it?”

She started walking again: “Didn’t lose it. But if you aren’t careful I’ll make sure you lose it when I scratch this itch.”

He chuckled: “Tempting. Afterwards, maybe, but not now.”

“Great. Now I’ll be horny and wet.”

“Imagine everyone naked. That might help.”

“Not helping.”

When he didn’t say anything for a few moments, she turned and looked at him, only to see a smirk waiting for her. Her tail arcked away and slapped him on his leg as she added to the sound of it hitting him: “Asshole.”

Rubbing his leg he caught up to her: “Naturally. Part of the job description, after all.”

As they crested a hill, she saw their destination and stopped, Lee bumping into her, making her stumble before he caught her. It was a simple, single story meeting place in the Realm for those that … had a problem.

“I’ve changed my mind.”

“No. You’ve come this far. You can get through this.”

“You actually expect me to go there? To tell them? You know what could make this worse?”

“Doing it naked?”

She wrapped her arms around herself: “If she’s there.”

“Well, I don’t expect her to be.”

She looked at the doors, seeing them open, welcoming Succubi here, Incubi there. It looked to be a full house. Terrific.

“If she’s there, I can’t do this, Lee. I’ll fall apart. I know I will.”
He touched her shoulders and turned her away from the scene to look at him: “You won’t. All you have to do is go in there, do it, and walk back out. Easy.”

“Easy is seducing someone, Lee. Easy is finding the right shade of lipstick to use on a certain Incubi I know. This isn’t …”

He chuckled: “It is. You just have to seduce them into listening to you. Just try. Please? And I want to see that lipstick after.”

She pushed him away with resignation in her voice: “Might not ever want to again.”

He didn’t answer that, but followed a short distance behind her and, when she entered the building, he turned and walked through another doorway. He had his own demons to face … in more ways than one.

A little while later, she was looking at a table which had a spread of snacks laid out before her. As she reached for a cookie, her hand paused over a can of Redi-Whip that someone had placed there and her thoughts drifted … again. She remembered using that … more than once … a lot more than once. Dammit, she was wet now, and horny, and …

“Looks like a nice turn out, don’t you think?”

That voice was the one she didn’t want to hear. Her hand shaking now, she picked up one of the cookies and turned it over in her hands to occupy herself. There was no escape now, not with her here.

“Didn’t really notice.”

“I did. Are you alright?”

She managed to take a bite of the cookie to muffle her reply, or, more accurately, to stop it. The sound of the cookie crunching drowned out the sounds around her and she looked to see that the room was, in fact, full, others having found their seats—save for her.

There was one chair left, she knew from the stories she had heard that the one she feared would be there would not be sitting down.

“Do you want some help?”

She shook her head and walked the last dozen steps to the empty chair, dropping into it and continuing to look at the cookie in her hands. She didn’t look up through the introductions, nor did she really want to listen. Having heard the words often enough she could have repeated them from memory.

“Is there anyone that would like to start?”

As always, no one offered. She never went first, it was better to be further down the list so that her own faults and mistakes were drowned out by the mistakes of others.

This time, however, as she looked up, she realized that everyone in the room was looking at her expectantly. Waiting for her to stand up and face the music. Clutching the cookie like a lifeline, she stood up, her tail wrapped around her right leg nervously.

She tried to smile, but that didn’t come easily. But at least the first important words came out in a rush before she could change her mind and run away. “Hello. My name is Stacy, and I am a succubi. It’s been 42 days since I last enslaved someone, and I am trying very hard not to do it again … as tempting as it has been in the past while.”

There was a round of applause from the others in the room, all of them succubi, sitting on their folding chairs; occasionally whispering to each other and listening to Stacy tell her story. They knew what she was fighting against and they were there to commiserate with her and what she was going through.

Just across the floor from Stacy stood a tall, raven-haired succubi. There was no doubting who she was, and Stacy wished that she wouldn’t have been there. It would have been easier. Every Succubi and Incubi in the Realm knew who she was, her red tail swishing in the air as she nodded in approval before urging Stacy on.

“Go on, Stacy … We’re all here to support you.”

She managed a shy smile, “Yes, Tera. Thank you … I need all of the help I can get, honestly.”

She looked over the group seeing a black tail here, a green one there, but—and this was the most frightening thing—she was the only pink tail there. It wasn’t so bad to have to tell about what she had done and might do again. No, the problem was that Tera was standing there and listening to everything she said, as well.

And it wasn’t the easiest thing to disappoint someone who had trusted her and then had to deal with the aftermath of what she had done. She looked at the last piece of the cookie in her hand for a long moment. Where to start? Where to begin?

The answer was in a deep breath, followed by: “My problems started a long time ago, and at the time I really didn’t see a problem with what I was doing …”


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    • avatar
    • David on March 10, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    I’m hoping this hasn’t posted invisibly somewhere… What is the significance of the color of the tails? Is there something in the Archives you could point me to. For whatever reason, found myself curious.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on March 10, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    SuccuWiki is your friend…

    From that page:

    *Red is the color of utmost love, most notably fiery love.
    *Yellow is optimism and cheerfulness. Yellow Tails are very, very rare and their powers can, and do, have odd effects. The most famous of them in the Realm is Miriam, a librarian of the Realm Library.
    *Pink is passion, romance and friendship.
    *Green is lust and sexuality
    * Orange is pleasure, domination and being adventurous
    *Amber is vitality, endurance and healing
    *Gold is extravagance
    *Silver is glamour. Tera’s Daughter Branwyn is an exception to this rule.
    *Bronze represents valor
    *Purple is spirituality, mystery and excitement
    *Blue means devotion.
    *Fuchsia represents emotional stability and one-mindedness
    *Aquamarine represents peace and serenity
    *Brown represents steadfastness, simplicity, friendliness, and dependability
    *Black is strong desire and determination.
    *Grey is formality, coolness, and moodiness
    *White is wisdom and knowledge

    There are more, will be more… I’m sure…


    • avatar
    • James on March 10, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    The first interesting consideration is that the important issue for Succubi Anonymous seems to be a lack of control, and the desire to lose control again.

    It is also interesting–and telling–that there are so often stories of succubi worried about disappointing Tera, when all she wants to do is help them and make them happy. Indeed, it could be considered a type of theological reflection.

    I look forward to seeing where this is going.

    • avatar
    • Elliot on March 10, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    :: quietly observes the tale as it progresses, his expression one of calm, measured attentiveness ::

    • avatar
    • David on March 10, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    Thanks much for sharing that link & context.

    • avatar
    • Pocong on March 11, 2014 at 12:14 am

    I know how Stacy feels, it’s hard enough to admit to your mistakes in a public setting. Having someone you like and admire there to see you at your lowest must jack that up past the stratosphere. Still, she was able to admit it and come to the meeting so she’s already past the hardest part of this.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on April 22, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    And i need to get back to this story soon…


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