Mar 08 2014

A moody Morrigan Aensland art in progress YouTube…

Sometimes art of Morrigan is… different. Sometimes, the art tells a story about her that really isn’t mentioned often for all else that is about her. I have shown this art on the Tale before, but I discovered a YouTube of its creation which I think was interesting to see…

And if you cannot see this on the Tale:


Lastly, a screenshot of the art, which is really striking…

Morrigan by Badruddin

The artist, named Bader Badruddin noted that the work took him about one hour to complete, which I find amazing in how much character, expression and texture there is in this work. It isn’t often that art of Morrigan shows her more intense side. It’s something that I would like to see more of to be honest as she is complex being really…

That part of her isn’t seen as much as it should be I think…




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    You expect me–want me–bright and vivid,
    but here I am grey.
    You see me–desire me–horny and light,
    but here I’m intense.
    I am much more than your nighttime wet dream;
    I am the full day.
    I reach beyond what you expect of me,
    trapped by no fence.
    I am complete, complex.
    I am textured, tantalizing.
    I am more than you desire,
    more than you imagine.
    Be ready . . .

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    Sometimes depth is something no one thinks to look for or consider. Most of what we know is only the surface of most people.

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    Grey is, after all, the middle…


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