Feb 26 2014

It’s called Devilicious… Not quite really…

Devilicious CostumeSome words really shouldn’t be used in connection with a costume sometimes. Especially when the word paints an image of the costume in a certain way.

I’ve looked at some rather expensive costumes here on the Tale and the one this week is one of the most expensive that I have found. The odd thing is, in a way, I can accept why it costs as much as it does…

This is called the Devilicious costume and it sells for $159 US. That’s really all that I can tell you about because the description of it tells you… nothing. Not a thing. Zero. Nada.

So I can guess that the costume comes with the horns, and the dress, and the choker and that would be about all I would think as the shoes really don’t quite match the costume itself.

I kind of like the horns, they aren’t awful which is saying a lot really. I can even live, barely, with the costume itself. The choker slash collar however is too vamp for my liking though. I also don’t care for the bit of frills on the model’s arms, especially the two little pieces of thread that appear below the frills. It makes this look very unfinished in nature I think…

It’s not the worst thing I have found. In fact I do, in a odd kind of way, like this the more that I look at it. But there is no tail, of course, and it just looks… unfinished.

Two and a half pitchforks out of five.

In a pinch mebby, but that’s about all…




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    I really rather like the dress, and whould hope that a tail could be added. I agree about the horns, and, alas the choker/collar. Even though I suspect that those two threads below the armlets are actually thin chains, I am not a big fan of them.

    Personally, I might knock off two and a half pitchforks for the name “Devilicious.”

    I am also very suspicious of the lack of a description, and worry about what one might actually get with this package.

    Your Majesty might be better off taking this picture to a seamstress along with a pair of shoes, horns, and a tail. I wonder if the position of Costumer to the Reralm or Her Majesty’s Haberdasher has yet been taken.

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    It’s actually a pretty elegant costume! At least compared to what you usually end up having to review. That complete lack of a description makes the whole thing seem really sketchy though… I get the feeling that if you actually ordered it you’d just get a box with the picture of the costume in it.

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    A good question my heart…


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