Feb 24 2014

The Declaration of the Succubi by Legion

For reasons that I will keep to myself, save that something happened on Sunday and I could not finish writing what I wanted to, I am going to share a work by my dear friend Legion that he shared with me a little while ago…

It speaks to a lot of things that I see being so very true and I wanted to share it today…




The Declaration of the Succubi

By Legion


I am a Succubi.

It means I have horns, a swishing tail, and a perchance for mischief.
It means I am a vision to the right people.
It means I am a terror to the wrong people.
It means I move unseen through the world until I am needed.

I am a Succubi.

I am a dream maker to those in need of balance.
I am a dream stealer for those filled with malice.
I am a bright light for those in the dark.
I am an enemy to evil in both bite and bark.

I am a Succubi.

The passion I share with others keeps me strong.
The strength I receive helps me right many wrongs
The doubts I calm makes my lovers grow.
The secrets I have most will never know.

I am a Succubi.

I feel joy when bonding that lifts other high.
I feel doubts like all do that make me cry.
I feel love to a very precious few.
I feel courage from those whose hearts are true.

I am a Succubi.

It means I bring change to those that are just.
I am both saint and sinner.
The love I have is for all that earn it.
I feel all those I have touched and will for all time.

I am a Succubi.
Do you want to be Mine?


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    I will be Your Majesty’s for as long as she wishes. But it would seem that the Realm could have a new poet laureate . . .

    Well done, Legion!

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    Really nice job! Thanks for sharing it with us legion. I think what I like most about it is the assertion that passion and desire are positive traits that strengthen a person. That’s a message that you almost never hear and it’s one that I think people really need.

  3. avatar

    You honor me My Queen.

  4. avatar

    :: Just smiles quietly, and huggles Lady Tera ::

  5. avatar

    LOVE it! Bravo!

  6. avatar
    Derek Lot

    I think you know the answer to that question, Mistress.

  7. avatar

    Well put, Legion. Thanks for sharing good Queen.

  8. avatar

    My heart, your place is safe as mine is with yours… And that is for always…


  9. avatar


    You do me dearest Legion…


  10. avatar

    *softly hugs Elliot*


  11. avatar

    Promise Love…


  12. avatar

    Thank you Sweetie!


  13. avatar


    Love always David…


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