Feb 24 2014

The Declaration of the Succubi by Legion

For reasons that I will keep to myself, save that something happened on Sunday and I could not finish writing what I wanted to, I am going to share a work by my dear friend Legion that he shared with me a little while ago…

It speaks to a lot of things that I see being so very true and I wanted to share it today…




The Declaration of the Succubi

By Legion


I am a Succubi.

It means I have horns, a swishing tail, and a perchance for mischief.
It means I am a vision to the right people.
It means I am a terror to the wrong people.
It means I move unseen through the world until I am needed.

I am a Succubi.

I am a dream maker to those in need of balance.
I am a dream stealer for those filled with malice.
I am a bright light for those in the dark.
I am an enemy to evil in both bite and bark.

I am a Succubi.

The passion I share with others keeps me strong.
The strength I receive helps me right many wrongs
The doubts I calm makes my lovers grow.
The secrets I have most will never know.

I am a Succubi.

I feel joy when bonding that lifts other high.
I feel doubts like all do that make me cry.
I feel love to a very precious few.
I feel courage from those whose hearts are true.

I am a Succubi.

It means I bring change to those that are just.
I am both saint and sinner.
The love I have is for all that earn it.
I feel all those I have touched and will for all time.

I am a Succubi.
Do you want to be Mine?

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